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  • Siege Battle Trophy Box

    We all know when the Siege War ends, Guild members are given rewards in the form of Trophy Boxes, as well as Crystals and Guild Points, based on the current grade (which is decided on regular Guild Battles) and rank of the Guild when the Siege Battle ends. Crystals and Guild Points are awarded to each player in proportion to their contribution points.

    So I myself did contribute my fair share everytime, but when comes to the LIMITED, GOOD Trophy Boxes, I always fail to pick the good one and there goes my contribution. BUT those who didn't contribute much gets to open the good Trophy Box, just because they are lucky. SO how is this fair to those who fought hard?

    Shouldn't the rank Trophy Box be given to all members according to contributions like the crystals and guild points? Why do we need luck to pick again and get a dupe box?

    This game is already needing ridiculous amount of RNG (summoning , rune farming, rune upgrading, magic shop), and now even if we won Siege , we need to rely on luck to pick on the chest/box? I think its just unfair. Any thoughts?

    summoning - depending on luck
    rune drops - depending on luck
    rune success upgrade - depending on luck
    temple of scam wish - depending on luck
    siege trophy box - depending on luck

    what else?

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    can't help but to agree that something have to be done to this. I spent 50 energy for 10 battles and fought till my hair dropped and I got a useless chest that is filled with junks and mana while another guildie which did not even participate in the battle managed to open a chest that contained a legendary scroll. happened not only once but on several occasions. Yea i'm unlucky not to have chosen the correct chest but it is still unfair


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      Tbh im fine with how it is (could be im just lucky and i guess it means im biased)
      i know recruiting ppl isnt easy but if someone doesnt participate kick him/bench him with a warning

      If u contributed way more than him it means u get way more crystals and gp than him
      how many legend scrolls did he get? How many of these were just pieces? How many were not at all? even when its a shiny box it can still be so-so rewards

      it doesnt come close to comparing to the difference in crystals/gp between u 2

      i feel like this would just be another reason to be a farming guild (if they change it the way u want it to) rather then try to convince ppl to be in a guild in their own rank
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      • Genetix
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        I will use this example of ME verse the same guild member with no contribution.

        ME - (Max contribution and clutch wins to win the siege most times)
        1 x 6* Magic slot 6 def%
        25,000 mana

        x1 Leg
        x1 MS
        x1 Wind Scroll
        x1 5* magic will rune slot 5
        5000 Mana.

        x1 5* Magic Rune slot 4 (flat def)
        15,000 mana

        x5 L/D pieces
        x3 Summoning stones
        x1 6* Hero Swift slot 4 (Crit Damage)
        x1 5* White Destroy slot 6 (flat def)

        x1 5* White Violent slot 4 (Crit Damage)
        25000 mana

        x1 Leg scroll
        x1 5* Hero Destroy slot 6 (Resistance)
        10,000 mana

        x5 Leg pieces
        25,000 mana

        x1 Blue Violent rune slot 2 (Flat defense)
        x1 Purple 5* Swift rune slot 3
        x2 10 crystals

        For the rest up to 7-1-2 most recent, we both got nothing much.

        BUT, previous to these 7 sieges, he mass collected 7 chests, and got SCROLL after SCROLL after SCROLL after SCROLL filling the chat with his scrolls and inside many of those chests he got multiples of scrolls and sometimes he got x2 LEG SCROLLS in one chest + MS in the same chest.

        And he laughed in chat after the mass collection...

        He still hasn't contribute anything. Because hes the guild leaders IRL friend, so we can't do anything about it. I have no problem with it at all tbh, he cannot fight the guilds we fight, that's fine..BUT cmon with the contribution and his rewards verse ours is a spit in our faces...Sure we get awesome crystals and points, which I really like...BUT..listen to this...

        All of us who contribute MAX energy and fights and WINS for all, we get NOTHING from 14 siege fights other than points + crystals.

        Only those who don't contribute get x2 LEG SCROLLS in a single chest, OVER and OVER. It's insane....and pisses me right off....Why?

        Because I spent over 6 grand on this game, and got 1 nat 5 from it in 1 year. This F2P comes along, leaches these LEG scrolls with no time, energy wasted and gets 3 NAT fives in a week, he now has 12 NAT 5s in 30 days and hes F2P and he got MOST of his scrolls FROM THE CHESTS HE DIDN'T CONTRIBUTE ANYTHING TO GET!

        That is a spit in my face..

        EDIT: The same member got ANOTHER Leg scroll.....ALL of us got nothing. rofl..What a joke!
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      • Kalionys
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        why dont you bench him? if he is even laughing about it in guild chat either bench or kick him
        all u need is to create an alt account and it will replace him - he gets 0 rewards (no chest and no spare points)
        maybe that will teach him to participate

        also sounds like he is just plain lucky - the chances for this to happen are very low (i received quite a few of shiny chests that had relatively bad rewards)

        also if u had max contrib - how many crystals/gp did u get and how many did he get?

      • Argon
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        We will not blame the person with the good luck nor he have little or non contribution, we will just condemn the unfair reward system.

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      I've posted something similar to this awhile ago, I agree the box rewards are terribly unbalanced. I also have an issue with the unused boxes from old wars but I can't say I'd know a solution to that without making it unfair to others.

      I remember a Siege war where I was the top contributor, I took on a lot of difficult defences to make sure we got the win. I open a trophy box... a couple of trash runes and mana BUT a guild member who didn't attack at all opens a REGULAR box and gets a devilmon... O.o A devilmon from a regular box? Even the second highest contributor opens a legendary box and gets like 5 scroll PIECES.

      How is it that regular boxes can contain multiple scrolls (I've seen at most 3) and devilmons yet a legendary box contains a fraction of a scroll lol.

      Then again we top out at like F3 so maybe those higher up ranks experience better luck with the boxes. I personally just don't care about the box rewards, 90% of the ones I've opened were just trash anyway win or lose.

      (I've never seen a full legendary scroll be pulled yet but that'll most likely go to the ones not bothering to attack).


      • Kalionys
        Kalionys commented
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        seen full legend and ld scrolls from guildies boxes as well as devilmons (at least one devilmon was not from a shiny box)
        pulled a devilmon myself from a shiny box

        but i also always use all my atks so usually nice crystals/gp too :X
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      • Genetix
        Genetix commented
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        Sorry to say, the lower boxes are the good ones....Do not go up to c1 or above..The A boxes are complete **** compared to x2 LEG SCROLLS x1 MS in a single chest from a ****ty B box.. We farm fighter now..

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      sw has a messed up interpretation of the word "contribution", so i'm guessing it also falls in line with their reward system


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        There is also the reward GP and crystal at end of siege, that actually matters. And that reward is equal to your participation. The box is just a random bonus.

        goes both ways. .. sonetimes i also did little cobtribution... and still get the best goodies... sonetines to most the hardworks, but get bad box... well what else is new.. is RNG after all


        • Genetix
          Genetix commented
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          Tell that to the guildies who get max contribution in my guild verse a non-contributor who got 5 LEG scrolls, leg pieces, 5+ MS, FULL l/d scrolls and pieces and Sstones from 14 sieges he didn't compete in..

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        Yes but I think it is just like that.. mainly due to pls dun forget about the amount of crystal and guild points earn are different. So somehow the trophy box is a random thing or additional reward like for example, there was once I chosen a box and earned a MS but I rather be like another guild member who missed the siege and picked a devilmon! It was indeed unfair as I did all my siege wars however meh, my friends told me to forget about it and move on, it’s still about all RNG so that’s basically about it and nothing else matter.

        P.S: rem we play the game for fun, and to be able to enjoy it or spoil the mood is all depend on yourself. I mean up to you so try to cheer up and enjoy the game as overall it’s still just a game. Dun be too serious about it and even worse affect your emotion, not worth it imho. We should enjoy ourself and by how much we can enjoy is within us to choose or decide. GL!
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          so then the top 3 will always get shiny boxes?

          hmmm imagine the outrage when the top 3 already gets 30% of the crystals ontop of the guarantee shiny boxes...


          • Genetix
            Genetix commented
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            From 14 sieges, Shiny boxes are worse than normal boxes. I just scroll through each members box and it's true. GO look for yourself. Shiny boxes you get more things, but all the normal boxes get the good stuff. Like x2 Leg scrolls, x3 Element all at the same time in one box...Compared to x30 Crystals, mana and crap runes from any shiny box.

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          I would have guildies who will camp easy towers or just ignore orders sometimes to fight a tower 3/5 then the remaining 2 they leave for others to tryhard. all because they have low points and want to climb or they want to be first *yes if you are in asia guardian seige* its YOU. if on top of being top 3 they still get good boxes it will be toxic seige not team effort.


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            It does kind of suck to fully contribute and constantly get the junky treasure boxes while others who barely participate frequently pull the good boxes.
            But violent rampages frustrate me most.. even with I get them (which comparatively seems to be about 1/4 as often as I get steamrolled by rampaging).
            So I just roll my eyes at every junky treasure box I open.


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              It might seem unfair, but the amount of gp and crystals had been reward due to your active in the battle. Chest is actually a bonus.
              Farming guild can just participate without clear attack and still get the chest because they look for bonus reward.
              So just focus on enjoy the battle, earn gp to up flag, buy scrolls, rainbowmons and so on. This make you feel better.


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                A 'bonus reward' to everyone doesn't sounds really fair to be honest.
                Yes, this may just be a game for fun, but if its unfair/unbalance, where's the fun?
                Maybe they can only give out the chest to players who has use perhaps more than 15 monsters and above?
                This will then make players contribute and fight and eligible for the bonus reward.

                By the way, the chest quality is really good if WON the siege battle.
                And it's really sad if no luck picking it and looted by other useless players.


                • Kalionys
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                  i dunno what kind of chests you r getting but last siege we won
                  i got a shiny box and got 5 ld pieces - by no mean bad.... but isnt rly amazing
                  a guildie opened a regular box and... also got 5 ld pieces (he had higher contrib than me)

                  tbh i havent seen an amazing reward from siege in a while (full legend/ld scroll or devilmon)

                  if other players r useless - kick them or bench them

                • Argon
                  Argon commented
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                  The problem is the "bonus" from the chest is well above the guild points and crytals reward (with around ~10%-20% contrinution). if you were bad luck, you would get junk runes that selling below the mana that given per the trophy box rank.
                  There is many reasons that why we could not kick the under perform players, real life issue is one thing (10 times real-time guild battle is really time consuming), the min 15 ppl to join the war requirement is another issue.

                  overall, the reward system is unfair to the people with less luck but with high contribution to win/participate in the war.
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                • Genetix
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                  Sounds great to me....

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                I suggest the rewards chance is increased based on contribution or something similar....Those scrolls are too game changing to be giving away to people who cant or will not contribute...


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                  Why don't they just put a store where you can buy shiny box and regular box.
                  Use contribution in siege as currency and put a price on the shiny box where only the top of the contributors can afford per game.


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                    Who cares, ever since the nerf the trophy boxes are now garbage for 99.9% of players. It's all about the xtals & gp now.