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    Hi, something iš hacked my account, password be very easy, so... I lost my account. Password iš changed, email too. Can you help me? My account nick is Zebolven. Now i use my friend account and see, that last login with my account is 220days ago. So, stealer hack it and leave. Plzz help Me.

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    You šure you didn't just forget the password for it?


    • EvilMocia
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      The hacker changed all information. Į dont know how to prove that is my account, because its lobg time.

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    Question is are you sure that's your account...? The fact you have friends playing who doesn't realize your account's hacked after until almost a year later..... It's almost as if you just look at inactive accounts on your friend list and want some free accounts.
    Regardless the forum isn't the right place to ask. Send com2us customer support a message with the information they require to attempt to recover the account.


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      im almost.... 100% sure u cant retrieve an account that was hacked that long ago

      anyway you need to follow the instructions in here (part #3)
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        good luck with that... i don`t think there`s much success in account retrieval to the right owner...x
        usually when a player gets hacked, they get sold, and what do com2us see? sry your account cannot be recovered because of ToS agreement that it indicate you participate in buying selling trade account blah blah...

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