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incoming light ifrit?

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  • incoming light ifrit?

    i just noticed it from some reddit thread - but there is a new dev note in the game (go to notice -> developers note)

    in mentions "light ifrit summoning pieces" and raid improvements as well as an "ancient magic shop" (which is where you will get the light ifrit pieces)

    didnt find anything in hive :X
    and i dont think it mentioned the dimensional hole.....

    edit :
    it also mentions there its the 1st dev note regarding incoming updates - so this might not be all the new content
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    There is in the italian version.

    They mention rebalancing the hydra and adding a shop where you can buy Elsharion pieces, reapp stones and 6* legend runes with 'coins' you get via events. 50 coins per 10 pieces, 100 pieces for an Elsharion. 100 coins for the reapp. 150 for the legendary rune.

    The Ifrit will most likely take ages at a foreseeable 5 coins per event...

    Can't say it is what I want, but at least we have news.
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    • OccultBoy21
      OccultBoy21 commented
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      Yeah I dunno tbh. Maybe and Maybe not.
      Judging by the actual shop items, it's meant to be something that takes a while.

    • luigizanotti
      luigizanotti commented
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      @OccultBoy So, 50 coins in two weeks. You need 500, which is 20 weeks, which is 5 months.

      Without spending coins in anything else, mind you. And once you get your light ifrit (and I hope the skillset is not the 2-years old one you find around because it is not relevant anymore) you still need to rune it, skill it and team it.

      Add to it that it is the opening event, so most likely the next event will not deliver as much...

      I call it bait. And not even high quality, tbh. This is, unless they are fast with adding the other means of getting coins they mentioned in the note.

      2,5 months, make it 3 months I would have called 'business'. 5+ months I call stinginess.

    • chuperaby
      chuperaby commented
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      5 month is the best we can hope if they release the next coins event right after this one is over so it's clear that they are planning on selling these coins packs.

      I only hope they don't force players to do RTA to get the coins, Com2uS made things like this in other games events before.

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    Took them 3 years to realize light ifrit is missing, good job com2us lol.


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      It will probably take about 2.5 months after launch before anyone is able to summon a light Ifrit, assuming 10 pieces / week.


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        For reference


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          Yay regardless of the waiting time and need to summon it, it’s still finally out for a chance to get it. Now can really complete the ifrits family and for that, I am happy haha!


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            Another good thing to look forward to. Nice! I'll waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait! <3


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              they say it predicts to take about a few months to have the required amount of acient coins to summon the light ifirt
              - from dev notes


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                hmm...depending on how hard those things will be to get, looking at transmog stones here....this could become an extremely "brown" experience.

                on the other hand...something to do, for someone with 140+ x6*s teams etc....not bad, why not

                now lets see what skill set elsharion will actually have


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                  I bet it is linked to the Dimensional Hole. Ifrits are connected to game content directly. Veromos is all about fusing and elemental ones come from PvP.


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                    I'm wondering what kind of skills this light ifrit will have


                    • Mix Thorngall
                      Mix Thorngall commented
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                      First skill common, second skill should be Triple Crush (Vero has the AoE stun), and the third one may be an active skill (as 3 out of 5 have passives). Maybe a huge speed-based single nuke (multi-hit if they want him to be a beast in Dark Rift), or some AoE buff/support.
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                    • OccultBoy21
                      OccultBoy21 commented
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                      Mix Thorngall

                      From the new and updated datamined info:

                      First and Second skill: Same As Theo.

                      Awakens into Crit Rate.
                      Global Attack Power Leader.

                      Third Skill:
                      Flash Attack: Attacks all enemies with great speed. The damage increases according to Attack Speed. (Reusable in 4 turns unskilled, 3 turns with max skills)

                      Flash Attack Currently Known Multiplier: ((Spd+160)/2.10% x3.
                      We don't know the ACTUAL number of hits, however a nice youtube video where a hacker got Elsharion and showed his skills, shows that indeed it hits 3 times. Also, hitting 3 times makes sense, as the total multiplier would be ~510% if u have around 200 speed.

                      Currently known base stats at 6 star Max Level:
                      HP: 10545
                      Attk: 780
                      Def: 516

                      However, everything here could change.

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                    Early morning I found the info in reddit and game notice.. just too sleepy to open pc ans post hehe

                    so yeah, Light Ifrit is finally here. Thats good.. for me anything new ingame is nice


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                      Finally an obtainable nat 5 light mon that I actually want! (Jeanne was a disappointment to me at least.)


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                        Well now we know. The new event starting tomorrow will give us 30 coins and you need 50 to get 10 Elsharion pieces and you would need 100 to summon hin! So it is gonna be a long event grinding, but heye, the reward is nice ;-)


                        • OccultBoy21
                          OccultBoy21 commented
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                          The event gives 50 coins.

                          Theres 2 coin rewards in the event:

                          12 times: Ancient Coin x20

                          25 times: Ancient Coin x30


                        • Papapiloui
                          Papapiloui commented
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                          Oh! I guess I skiped the 12 times ;-) This is then 10 Elsharion pieces, which means we need 10 events, one per month, see you beginning of next year Elsharion ;-) Joking, they will make it appear faster I think...