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  • help with GB10 team

    Hello guys, first of all sorry for my poor English. Ok so thing is I'm playing for a 6 month now and my mainly focus is Giants I'm in love with swift runes lel. Started with basic team and now I'm ready for speed runs, already running GB10 team of Lushen (L) Chow Hwa Galleon Sig (time 1 - 1.30min fails once per 2 refills). and I need help to decide who to pick as 5th member from Sig, Lyn, Tarq, Chow, Laika, Hraesvelg, Theomars to form a team of Lushen (L) Lushen (got second one) Hwa Galleon. Who may help me most in time cut and maybe success rate? Thank you.

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    hi @labanakt

    Speed run's success rate is based on your rune quality.. You are just at 6 months.. i'm worried your rune might not be ready yet.... just a reminder.. you may have the mons, but if runes are not good, run will fail.

    If you have a 1:30 safe 99% GB10 team.. thats very good already.

    Anyways, here are some of my documented test runs that have good success rate, i can say 99%
    (both Stella and Hraesvelg makes run faster and more secure)

    Lushen(x2), galleon, Stella, Hwa --- 1:10
    Lushen(x2), galleon, Stella, Hraesvelg ------ 1 mim
    Lushen(x2), galleon, Stella, Tarq ----- 1 min
    Lushen(x2), galleon, Stella, xiao Lin ----- 1 min
    Lushen(x2), galleon, Stella, Laika ---- 1 min ........ (i dont have Chow but i used Laika... still 1 min run)

    Lushen(x2), galleon, Hraesvelg, Tarq ---- 1:10
    Lushen(x2), galleon, Hraesvelg, Hwa ---- 1 min
    Lushen(x2), galleon, Hraesvelg, Sig ---- 1 min
    Lushen(x2), galleon, Hraesvelg, Xiao Lin ---- 1:10 min
    Lushen(x2), galleon, Hraesvelg, Theo ---- 1 min

    Good luck


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      yes very good runs. Be happy with what you have. look into moving into dragons for Violent runes. Keep improving runes. That's all. Under 1 minute runs comes after you can do everything already.