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Please increase the rates for good pulls

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    Originally posted by SummonerFenrir View Post
    I just started a few days ago and cant stand the pull rates of this game......Will i have to pay a thousand to get just one good character?
    The answer is a BIG dont have to spend a lot... you have to play longer.


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      In this game, spending either:
      Gets you tons of nat 5s.
      Or gets you tons of trash.

      The whole point of the game is to progress and try your luck. We already know the summoning rates, and tbh theyre not that bad. A .5% chance means a 1 in 200 chance. Your gonna get a nat 5 at some point.

      Another par of the game: Patience.


      • nobody1111
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        he was talking about L scrolls, so its 6.5% odds, lets not confuse him and make him think legendary scrolls have 0.5% chance

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      Originally posted by SummonerFenrir View Post
      So basically what my understanding of you guys opinions on my post is that you all know there is a ****ty rate in this game for good/nat5 type of monster and you all keep quiet about it and want me to keep quiet about it too. My point was, with a sense of unsureness, this game has a bad pull rates. I mean 1/200 L scrolls for a nat5 rofl. This is now confirmed. However I'll keep on playing the game cause its fun. And also i have looked up on the game. I saw a vid for example with a ghy pulling 29 L scrolls and got i think 2 nat5s. Some will have extreme luck with this crap sort of rng and some will not. Im not into this sort of rng but its still a fun game. So yeah some will agree, the lucky ones wont :P
      sure you can complain, or write to customer support. But you will get their copy paste reply 100 out of 100 times and that they will send your comments to developers. After 3 years of copy paste message, and I think for 10 more years (if the game still exists), i guarantee you that it will stay the same.

      This game does take extreme luck or a very huge amount of money. And lots of time for grinding. Just so you are aware.


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        Ohhh dear..... a few days and you already spent a few hundred >.<
        This game's system caught on to people like you very well...... same with my friend... first day playing spent $500 and quit a week after....

        Poor thing... stop spending for now.... play for a while and see if you like the game. The rates for pulls are posted in the Korean server......

        I have a questions.....since you are a new player.... if you know the rates before you spend.... will you actually spend what you've spent?

        Fire/Wind/Water Nat 5 from MS / Elemental scrolls are 0.5% - from Legendary is 6%
        L/D Nat 5s are 0.35%


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          It's what makes this game fun. If I pulled a nat5 every day along with a handful of legend 6* runes I would stop playing this game after a few months as I would had cleared everything/collected every desirable mon.

          The fact that good pulls are rare, good runes are even harder to come by, and progression takes months and years gives the player a huge sense of achievement when hours and hours of work/grinding culminates in clearing TOAH for the first time, or running R5 consistently, or even finally clearing gb10 on auto for the first time. Pulling great mons is just the rare cherry on top that happens increasingly frequently as you progress because your progression gets rewarded with more chances to summon (toa/h reward scrolls, GW rewards, dungeon scrolls from faster runs, etc).


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            hmm, I open ~3 legendary scrolls a month and about 40-70 MS scrolls a month as F2P. I get a nat 5* about every 1-2 months, been playing 2 1/2 years.

            I am very active in the game though, use all energy, buy all scrolls in arena/GW shops and spend crystals 50/50 between farming runes and magic shop.

            You need to either invest serious time, or serious cash if you want the top stuff. actually cash is optional, time isn't. you cant buy the runes needed to gear up nat 5*'s


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              This is a SERIOUS game if you want to know,
              It`s not a game that give free monster.
              Having played this game for 3 years now, all other game that give free nat5 (in relevance to their game) are CRAP to me now.

              There also a reason why this game is going so strong compare to other mobile game.


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                Hey there! I'm sorry about that, but there are plenty of other ways to get great units in-game without having to spend more. We have the Fusion Hexagram which lets you accumulate 3 and 4 star Monsters to form a designated 5 star Monster (through time and effort). Beyond that, I highly recommend working towards completing the events! Events are a really good way to get in-game items! Good luck, and have fun! (:


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                  Originally posted by Com2uS_Evan View Post
                  Beyond that, I highly recommend working towards completing the events! Events are a really good way to get in-game items! Good luck, and have fun! (:
                  I haven't really spent any money on the game lately because I'm happy with the amount of crystals and scrolls I get from events, daily stuff, GW, ToA, etc. And then when the new missions came in (eg the Giants, Farmion series) we got even way more scrolls and crystals - from this I got Bastet, Chandra, Ariel (third one), Woosa and then finally Praha, all summoned within a two week period and no cash spent.

                  I've gotten great mons from purchased packs (e.g. Seara and Camilla) but also obviously just on free stuff (eg above).

                  it certainly is about luck. Your % chance doesn't increase by the amount of money you spend on it (from my experience anyway). People who spend money will just get more chances but are subjected to the same disappointment/satisfaction as anyone else opening up free summoning mats. You can't get angry at the system just because you've spent some money and you didn't get anything you wanted - it's like getting angry at the lottery because you're not a millionaire after playing it for so many years.

                  You can get to a point where you get a steady stream of crystals and scrolls from various parts of the game - but you just need to put the time and effort in it.


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                    Do not spend any money, vote with your wallet and refuse to buy until com2us can explain the sheer abundance of accounts that pull nat5 like candy back to back or in ridiculous odds such as 3 in 68.


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                      This game is just overglorified casino.


                      • MrGregUniverse
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                        At least with a casino there is a gaming commission keeping track of the casino and laws in place to prevent abuse. Nothing stopping com2us from any number of shady activities. I myself am partial to the Summon pool theory but that's just me...

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                      I take it all back guys. i got a fire phoenix in a mystic scroll few days ago DD


                      • b1t3x579
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                        Wow, just wow!

                      • akino25
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                        okay who`s next lol ?

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                      Originally posted by SummonerFenrir View Post
                      I take it all back guys. i got a fire phoenix in a mystic scroll few days ago DD
                      What? Few days ago you got Perna yet you complain how game has bad drop rates?
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                        i've NEVER got a single nat5 from Legendary Scroll

                        opened more then 50... lost the count.

                        You think i would buy a 99$ pack for just 1 ? with that rate? lmao


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                          Originally posted by SummonerFenrir View Post
                          I take it all back guys. i got a fire phoenix in a mystic scroll few days ago DD
                          Congrats! Be sure to 6* Perna. Very good for your team composition, has great dps, an awesome AoE heal and by far one of the best multipliers in the game. Enjoy!