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Please increase the rates for good pulls

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  • Please increase the rates for good pulls

    I just started a few days ago and cant stand the pull rates of this game. I opened 5 L scrolls and got nothing good at all. I wish there were better pull rates. I already spent hundreds without getting anything. Will i have to pay a thousand to get just one good character? If so, com2us what sort of game is this? a L scroll is not an easy to obtain thing so at least there should be good rates. Ive played rpgs where you would get recompensed with the presented character if you spent hundreds on the pact but not even this from com2us!

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    LMAO a few days.. gunna be honest here a few hundred with no effort won't get you anat 5 100 percent of the time and 5 LD scrolls is nothing...


    • BlizzardEagle
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      sorry kinda rude but the post is insane

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    5 legend? wow
    after 2 years opening legend scrolls i still haven't got nat5 from them


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      Sorry but it takes patience in order to get something good like a nat 5. I have been playing for almost 3 years and I only have 9 nat 5's not counting the fusion hexagram, ifrits, and the homunculus. Just do the best you can, with what you have, where you are. Eventually you will get something good.


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        Originally posted by Tony Sfinos View Post
        5 legend? wow
        after 2 years opening legend scrolls i still haven't got nat5 from them
        you see?? thats what im talking about. 2 years of playing and not even one nat5*. this seems ridiculous.


        • Tony Sfinos
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          If you find it ricidulous, it's your choice to stop right here

        • akino25
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          to be honest if you played regularly,you should have a couple of nat 5 within a year or within 2 years.

          those claiming to have no nat 5 after 2 years are not regular player (this is fact) as people tend to exagerate thing already bad. You know i have an alt that i only log in for daily rewards and some fun in getting that L&D scroll, but that account after 2-3 years only got me 1 nat 5

        • bishii
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          "after 2 years opening legend scrolls i still haven't got nat5 from >them<"
          no nat 5 from legendary scrolls doesnt mean no nat 5 in 2 years. ^^

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        Just wow... tell the casinos you want better odds at winning as well.... you are paying money so you therefor are entitled..... its gambling plain and simple... you dont have to spend money just like you dont have to have good luck.... hopefully you will pull something good sooner than later.... but it seems you are not a patient person so might as well move on now before you get more frustrated or spend more.... if you think nat 5 rates are bad.... wait till you need good runes to do anything....


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          If you can count cards you have a "very small" advantage in black jack. When the Pit Boss (person in charge of watching the dealers) catches you, they throw you out. In Atlantic City it's actually illegal I believe. So they even take your winnings.

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        welcome to summoners war


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          You started few days ago and you already feel like you're entitled to have few nat 5s? Oh boy, you picked up the wrong game. I've played over one year and got 3 nat 5s. Be patient or pick another game, seriously.

          As for what kind of game this is - a korean RPG, which almost always come with a huge side dish of RNG. You're welcome.


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            Run away & never look back. Thank me later...

            or simply keep playing. But don't regret when I'd say "I told you".


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              Only a few days of play and already complaining...
              Stop making me laugh and just create this thread again after 1 year of nothingness at least x)


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                Now that people are finished telling you how long it took them to get nat 5, I'll try to explain my take on the reasoning why it is like this.

                basically, summoners war is a marathon, not a sprint, its a game that is supposed to be long lasting, be it for free to play or paying people.

                this is done by giving the player a lot of resources and sources of income in game, and buying options but setting the rates low, so that you progress, but whatever progression will always be paced, it also limits the buying power, forcing anyone who really wants to p2w to waste ungodly amounts of money while giving regular paying players advantages without giving them too much.

                the entire game ends up giving the game its own pacing that the average player can't rush and burn through, makign the content last long and hold players for longer, as well as feel more rewarding once they do hit that big progess points


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                  i think you should just watch some youtube videos, read some posts and look around in game and get more info about the game mechanics, how summoning works and look for some tips for beginners

                  but honestly? after few days and already complaining about drop rate? maybe this is just not game for you


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                    You are very drastic to mention that only a few days ago you have invoked or that you have very little in the game but respect everyone's thinking.
                    In my case I have 4 years and 3 months playing, this game has a very high difficulty in that aspect. To have a good monster you have to wait 6-8 months and if you are lucky and open 100 to 50 Mysterious Scroll per month. I hope that someday they will implode something to exchange moustros.
                    That other thing also the NaT * 5 most wanted, you can be repeated. So I wish you luck if you want to stay in the game


                    • newyorksteak
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                      Maybe he plays in Korean server which is older than global but i donno by how much.

                    • Tony Sfinos
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                      Sw was released on 12 June 2014
                      Asia server was opened on January 2015, 7 months after Global...

                    • Yasuo01
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                      Because it lasts all my university time I was wrong for 6 months or something so sorry but I started after the third HoH and that I can prove it

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                    They're saying you "statistically" get a Nat 5 every 200 scrolls. Apparently they revealed the drop rates because of some law in China that required it. So someone over there got the info to us.

                    My Thoughts:
                    I've always thought to be unlucky with Nat 5s. After this info, I have to say I have been VERY lucky with Nat 5s.
                    Latest Nat 5: Juno pulled after 30-ish scrolls. I had saved 200 specifically because of the drop rate reveal.
                    Currently I'm expecting a HUGE dry spell because: Ive gotten a Nat 5 off legendaries. Ive gotten TWO NAT 5 of stones and Im maybe half way to 10,000. I'm over the "200 scroll per Nat 5" statistic, but not by all that much. At best Im one Nat 5 down. However, well made up for in stone Nat 5s (2) and Legendaries (1) which are well under statistics.


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                      So basically what my understanding of you guys opinions on my post is that you all know there is a bad rate in this game for good/nat5 type of monster and you all keep quiet about it and want me to keep quiet about it too. My point was, with a sense of unsureness, this game has a bad pull rates. I mean 1/200 L scrolls for a nat5 rofl. This is now confirmed. However I'll keep on playing the game cause its fun. And also i have looked up on the game. I saw a vid for example with a ghy pulling 29 L scrolls and got i think 2 nat5s. Some will have extreme luck with this crap sort of rng and some will not. Im not into this sort of rng but its still a fun game. So yeah some will agree, the lucky ones wont :P
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                      • SummonerFenrir
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                        sry 5/200 L scrolls

                      • nobody1111
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                        just correcting its 0.5% as in 1/200 for mysical scrolls
                        for legendary scrolls its 6.5% which is a bit more then 1/20 , don't feel like doing exact odds
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                      • Kalionys
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                        The game is meant to be played for a very long time - im not talking about months.... more like years (over 2 years here)

                        And just pulling good monsters isnt enough - u need good runes which means farming dungeons
                        Just spilling money and scrolls isnt guaranteed to get u any results but it does increase your chances to pull something good (simply because its more chances) and it wont guarantee u will get a high rank in pvp rly fast either or a safe team for most of the pve content