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  • Feeling accomplished yet?

    Today I pulled my last 4* that I wanted and it was also the most wanted mon ever since I started playing. I got my girl Chloe. (The luck was tough on me, right? More than 2.5 years to get 1 specific 4☆)
    After this pull I feel so accomplished and done with this game. Not like "quitting" accomplished or something, but like "setting the stage for the bright future" accomplished.
    Do you feel somewhat accomplished in sw? Why so or why not?
    Juuuuust curious you know

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    Im makin my way up in TOA :3
    other than that its all depression


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      I thought pulling more and more NAT5 will make me successful and i will then feel "Accomplished" .... but NO.
      I have learned that RUNE is equally important...

      I know what to do now to get me closer to being accomplished.... problem is ....i have very poor, bad of the baddest "LUCK" in farming runes =/


      • BlizzardEagle
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        Eventually it is monsters lol need balance

      • magicman7779
        magicman7779 commented
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        Second this message. I have 17 nat 5* and yet I struggle like a freaking banshee to get a good rune not even a great rune. I farm b10 of any dungeon and still have way more 5* runes than great 6* runes. I just don't have the rune luck.

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      The fact that I recently got my most wanted nat 4 Xiao Lin after searching for almost 9 months (since the Homunculus update back in September 2016). That will set the stage for R5 and rift dungeons for me and hopefully for future content. Plus I can use my double KFG combo now (Xiao Lin & Fei). I feel accomplished now but it's not over yet.


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        I'm relatively confident in my runes. Decent amounts of 30+ individual stat subs (50-60%+ total in subs on some), even on rare 2/4/6 and on rare types like Vio and Will. I'm extremely happy with my nat fives, most are top tier. I'm only missing a few of the elemental ones. And I'm satisfied with my progression and can hold my own in endgame content, from endgame pvp to ToAH, which I've cleared since...what, 2015?

        I'd like to say I've done well enough as a player, especially since I don't have the fattest wallet. But I'm far far from the top, I know my stuff theory wise, but I lack a lot of tools.

        I won't be satisfied until I get my legend finish, but that's a long grind and a long time (probably years) away.....and I love that challenge. It's my motivation, even though the grind is tough and RNG is harsh. It's a challenging but rewarding game.


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          First i need a stable db10 spd team
          this is the accomplishment im w8ing for
          after that is a stable nb10 team

          i w8ed for chloe a lot (around 1.5 years) and once i got her.... i decided i dont rly need her lol
          wasnt gonna invest in another speedy monster aside from bernard


          • magicman7779
            magicman7779 commented
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            The funniest thing is I have played for 3 yrs and I do have all the primary great 4* and a ton of nat 5*. but my son who is 8yrs old, pulled Chloe and Chiwu (fire pioneer) before his account was lvl 20. HAHAHA. he has Bernard, Chloe, Chiwu, and many other very useful 4* monsters by lvl 20. I remember grinding for months for stuff. I see a ton more lower accounts with Nat 5* now.

          • Kalionys
            Kalionys commented
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            magicman7779 ikr
            it feels like every other day i see some lvl 20 in chat with an ld nat 5 lol
            i w8ed 8 months for my 1st nat5 which was teshar

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          I can do gb10 quite good now. Like 95% safe. I lose sometimes.

          Working towards Db10. Recently 6*ed Megan. Hopefully that will work some. I still need to get some new runes for her.

          I have also managed to do some runes upgrade in my Toa team and last Toa I managed to get to ToaN93 and now I am at ToaN88, so I hope I manage to complete ToaN this round. It's my goal for this month.


          • magicman7779
            magicman7779 commented
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            If you have Orochi, chasun, Delphoi, bernard and Lushen, you should be able to manage 100% if you got decent runes on them. (makes sure they are all max level 6* monsters). I am 100% and average under 2 minutes all day.

          • magicman7779
            magicman7779 commented
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            My DB10 team (about 99%) is Chow, Anavel, Emma, Woosa and Theo. I manage always under 3 minutes but it could be faster. I just want to make sure it is closer to 100% than fast and lose 20% of the time.

          • ___
            ___ commented
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            Of all those, I have a Bernie 5* and an Emma 4*.

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          I still haven't aquired myself a Chloe even after playing for almost 3 years. And I don't plan to build one for PvP either.

          Maybe for Raids but at the moment, I don't really need her.


          • FooJub
            FooJub commented
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            Same chloe no hwa -_-

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          I feel like i'm not making any progress at this point.

          I just don't get any runes. I'm sitting at the same spot half a year ago due to getting no runes at all.

          So nope don't feel accomplished. Maybe i will when i'm able to rune at least 5 mon for a TOA team... or db or gb or nb... just something!!
          At this point i feel quite sad about getting bad runes.


          • Com2uS_Evan
            Com2uS_Evan commented
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            I know that feeling, but I'm sorry to hear it's persisted for so long! I wish you the best of luck in both Rune farming and crafting. Hopefully, the Rune-drought will come to an end soon! (:

          • magicman7779
            magicman7779 commented
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            I understand your frustrations. I found that when I was grinding for runes, that I stayed b9 or so and got decent runes that helped my monsters finally get up there. Then once you max those runes, they sustain for b10 dungeons. Just got to use tactics to help. I was like that about a year and a half ago. Now I have 60 maxed 6* monsters and 17 nat 5. You will get there. I got a lot of those because I was able to finish TOA and get more crystals from Arena and world GIant. Good luck.

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          around 1 min giant run
          around 2 min Necro & Dragon. (been trying a lot speed team for these two dungeon but i realize i'm lacking rune to do speed run)

          i've been grinding giant and necro for Will, Despair & Swift for months, but there's hardly any rune i keep, it's kinda make me frustrated.
          so i'm gathering Homunculus material for now (aside from clearing event)
          and maybe clearing ToAH,, i lost motivation to clear ToAH after floor 60 coz it's really took a while to clear a floor, and i can't auto it since i'm not strong enough xD


          • Kalionys
            Kalionys commented
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            Not even going for the devilmon in floor 70?

          • edollas
            edollas commented
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            if u cant clear toaH then do not build homunculus yet, what score u get on the elemental rift?
            toaH isnt that hard, u just need specific monster, ATB reduce. thats it

            barreta, vero, mav, aria, hwa, or verad or hathor if u have it will work till certain map ( 90ish)

          • finzero
            finzero commented
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            edollas :
            A for dark & Light rift
            A+ for Wind & Fire
            S for Water Rift

            i do not have Hathor or Verad or Hwa,, but i got Tablo..
            i'm auto ToA all the way to 99 (except some boss floor)...
            i'm just ... too Lazy to manual ToAH :'(

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          Fall in love with the dragon knights, playing for a week now ;d, hopefully eventually


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            Accomplishments for me are tied to specific PVP or PVE goals in the game not summoning specific monsters. So far reached all my PVE goals- auto all B10 dungeons, R5, TOA/TOAH and PVP= finish guardian in Arena and reach Guardian in RTA. Of these I think in PVE the hardest was first TOAH clear. Back then there were few guides and no mav, didn't have basalt or any easy TOAH clears like Verad/hathor.


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              I've got most of the 4* monsters that I need, though I would be happy to get my hands on a Lushen or two, as well as Hwadam. I really would like to get a few more nat 5*'s, make my DB10 team more stable, and get to the point where I can auto my way all the way through ToA normal and complete ToA hard.


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                I feel accomplished when I finish something challenging (e.g: finished Arthamis ToAH80 using a somewhat original team, or things like finishing Endless Trial 30 in WoW back in Pandaland)... I don't feel accomplished when I pulled 5* since it's just luck... Sure I was happy when I see lightning, but it's not the same feeling from overcoming a challenge that took hours or days, or even weeks of preparation or practice/failure.


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                  Currently im Feeling very much stuck and the grinding is stressing my head. i´ve been playing since 2 years now what did i archiev so far.

                  1. GB10 Auto Team <1min 99%
                  2. DB10 Auto Team <2min 100%
                  3. NB10 Auto Team <2min 90% (Working on Water Lich to make it 100%)
                  4. Raid 5 Team
                  5. Elemental Raids 2 S, Rest is A (Homu not finished yet skilling but im to lazy to do so)
                  6. Arena C2-C3, C2 is rather easy then C3 since im missing to much Top Nat 5´s

                  Im currently farming Necro day in day out and after 2 months of farming there is 1 decend rune im not very blessed with those stuff.
                  Some of my runes are quiet decend but not good Sub stats whise and im also missing a SPD Leader else then Gemini in Arena, almost EVERY Player in C3 and + having a Sierra, Chiwu, Vanessa, Pysama whatever. There is no Chance for me to outspd those and thats also what hits me hard nowadays the SPD meta is rigged if you dont have a SPD leader. Playing everything slow means depending on your LUCK with vio procs and stuff as specially when you dont own any Tank nukers like monkeys or Beastmonks (which i dont have).

                  At the Moment im at a Point where im thinking what is it i wanna archieve in this game.
                  Putting the Facts toegether probably WE here will never get into top 50 or say top 100 never in the next years, since you Need several nat 5 and very potent runes, which probably will never happen and in the end when we quit the game what do we have archieved right its nothing.
                  The fun you have with the game is ok but com2us Need to work on the fact that when you reach endgame Content you pretty much Need to depend on your personal luck. Most People now will argue about my thoughts but think about it a min or so collect your thoughts and try to compare how much time you spend in this game instead of doing something in RL. I will not say the time was wasted but the value of time investing and gaining rewards is to low for my expirience so far.