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  • Time to play casually

    For the past 2+ years ive been playing this game, I played A LOT nearly every day (afking while doing other things). I've made speed teams for every b10, have over 60 6*s and can accomplish any content in the game atm..

    So I'm thinking of just playing a few times a day and giving up on "the grind" on farming runes. I mean I haven't gotten an upgrade in months.. I've done thousands of runs with nothing to show for it but a few "legendary endure/destroy" runes these past few months.

    So it just hit me. The difference in rune quality between f2p and p2p keeps growing. So why bother farming anymore? The only way a player like myself will scrape the top % of players is with EXTREME luck on pulls/drops and at that point why bother..

    Basically I dont really see many players that arent hardcore p2p passing where I'm at in the game (conq 3 / guardian 1 tier) so if I'll never compete with those people anyway its pointless to keep farming.

    Is anyone else in this boat? I just feel like I'm not progressing anymore, like no matter how much I farm if I don't put in some serious cash I'll never go much higher anyways, so why bother?

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    I'm at that point and I am only working on my R4 Team. I don't get any good runes except ones that are about on par as my current runes, I am even lacking decent runes for a lot of my monsters. I never get any lightnings so i'm having trouble rounding out my toah team, and my necro and raid teams. When I get mons for that, I'll need runes for them too. All in all, I am at the point where it feels like the game wants me to quit, I have always felt like I had decent luck starting out in this game, but the last few months have been so rough where I am not even having fun, just disappointment after disappointment.

    I definitely dislike being negetive, but I pay for the game, and the entertainment value is diminishing. SW as a game is so damn good, but playing it and enjoying it, it seems is much too drawn out and expensive.
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    • ihatenoise
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      Yeah thats how I feel for the most part. I guess ill just play casually until some more content comes out (hopefully not grinding content but stuff like arena or guild wars, places to have fun)

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    I stopped farming the moment the symbols and craft mats was included in drop... really pissed me off and almost made me quit.. wasted time and effort for nothing... not even a decent rune... i am not asking for an OP legendary rune... i gave up and started farming RAID.. at least I have the chance to enhance the NOT SO GOOD runes that I already have.. and made them better

    Hope came.. when they removed the 4* rune drop I tried again.. keeps my hopes up... but failed.... still bad farming results... just like what others says... you have to learned to live with disappointments..... sometimes I share my frustrations... sometimes keep to myself.. but my patients is hanging by a thread already.

    As long as the symbols and the craft mat is included in the drop... things will not get any better.

    Look on the MAGIC SHOP.. roll that 3 crystal, have better chance to get decent rune there.

    I am still hoping ....


    • ihatenoise
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      Yeah.. I feel you man :/ it sucks.

    • krazye87
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      80% of my current legend runes are from Crafting. It use to be 70% from shop. The drops from the B10s is garbage and I am super happy for the crafting system.

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    Regardless of how slow progression may seem to some of us, myself included, it's actually comparatively miles better than the past. I recall the "things have changed" thread and my response is very similar to what I stated back then.

    There was nothing fantastical about relying on using an ariel friend rep 12 times a day to do db10, or building a fire viking for ridiculously long runs. Veromos has ridiculously increased the average total of db10 runs, and the rate hasn't been nerfed to oblivion - our standards just changed. Legend runes weren't dropping like flies back in the day, but our expectations have just changed.

    Same thing with nat fives, back then I had 2 and got a lot of praise and felt great about fusing the only fusion available, sig. Nowadays fusion nat fives are scoffed at because they're "obtainable" and not as much of a treat. Because back then everything was hard. But it was not golden.

    That's my perspective anyway. I haven't gotten a single rune improvement for the past 2 weeks of farming, and I use maybe a hundred or two hundred crystals for refills every day. Kinda rough, that much I agree. But I've ignored SO many runes that I would've jumped for in 2014, I assure you.


    • zuttohitori
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      you may hv a point dovahkin. But comparatively... comparing my old mob that I runed pre-necro and less-old mobs that I runed post-necro... and newer mobs that runed this year... is it rly expectations playing tricks on my mind?

      My bernard pre-necro are much2 better runed than my chloe post necro which in turn is much better than my galleon. Bernard rune has been untouched post necro. Chloe hasnt been re-runed for a long time.

      Seems like I have never got better runes, otherwise my bernard or other old mobs would hv gotten better runes. Seems also I have never got equal qualtiy runes otherwise Chloe would hv been re-runed to be somewhat on par with bernard. And seems like it is worse because I can't even get galleon rune to be on par with chloe not to mention bernard.

      CD% CR% Atk% wise i can compare the same thing with lushen julie kahli.

      Bruiser I can compare Rakan Eshir and Kumar...

      And so on.

      Hence I am a tad reluctant to buy this illusion of expectation.

    • ihatenoise
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      I'm not saying players cant progress, it just FEELS at a standstill for me because no matter how much I try, realistically I wont get past where I'm at in the game.. Im currently c3/g1 when im lucky and I dont see myself getting any stronger after a few months of grinding. This is because the rune quality of g2-g3 and legend are insane and its extremely unlikely to get there without having a large p2p investment, which is not something I can do.

      I just feel that I wont really get passed by other players in my position who are not heavy p2p. And those heavy p2p will pass me whether I try or not, so I've just lost my interest in farming (still love the other aspects of the game, so I will not quit).

      But yes our standards have changed. Without grindstones id still have a 290+ speed bernard, that alone back in the day was pretty rare.

    • Dovahkiin
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      Yep, I get both of your circumstances completely. A friend of mine powered up a pretty solid rune and I was like "whoa dang nice, when'd ya get that?" and he said "2014."

      Was a nice joke. I won't deny that progression halts; from my perspective as someone with decent experience on both sides of the coin, this game seems to follow a logistic growth model, which I'm rather fond of. For those who might not know, logistic growth is a S-lookin curve, where progression is ridiculously hard in early game, since you have to figure yourself out, learn about the game, summon a ton, make a farmer, make b10 teams...then in mid game progression skyrockets when you improve your b10 teams and auto, and it becomes efficient to refill instead of premium. Most 6* runes are upgrades, you feel great. And then as you approach late and then end game, you have the goodies, and are looking for only hyper specific and very rare improvements...which is hard to get, and thus slows progression.

      It's a much more balanced curve than a linear progression model, since if that were the case, then there would be no viable player base for new players. If it was linear, then older players would have a 100% advantage over newer players, which would completely ruin the game...if no new player has even a remote chance at all, they won't play. The game would die.

      It's the same balance system that SW and other games use with summoning and other drop rates; by having it RNG and not guaranteeing "legendary armor" or "mythical summons" you maintain a F2P P2W balance. Because it's a CHANCE at improvement, and "luck" can make it so that a f2p and p2w player could have the same number of relevant nat fives. If nat fives and perfect runes were guaranteed, this game would turn p2w so quick, the balance in strength would be way worse than it is now, etc.

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    I think the issue is.

    while sure it is a grind game, with great rewards when they come your way.
    But currently the effort - reward ratio doesnt feel right.
    Im not asking for legend runes. Just some decent purple ones. Farming several refills a day for a month should at least reward with a good rune.

    i mean hell everyday since January i have used at least 5 runs in rift raid. Looking for shield speed. Even blue would suffice as i have no spd grinds/enchants (i get them mixed up) on my galleon. I have found ONE. One in 6months. This stops me improving other mons.

    Im happy with the rune % drops. I can live with symbols too. Ill even craft. But the quality needs increasing.


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      Reappraisal stones broke the game balance. The rates of leg rune drops are 1/week for 6* runes, yet you can get up to 50 of them with reappraisal packs. The amount of runes and rappraisal stones you can buy should be around the same as you can farm by playing the game 5-6 hours a day yet this is not the case.

      Person that plays 6hours/day for 30 days gets 5-6 6* non-flat mainstat legendary runes.

      A fat ass account can buy you 50 brand new rune rolls each month.

      No point really to keep playing the game if your goal is to farm rune upgrades.


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        If you're going casual mode, I recommend to not spend crystals on refills at the moment. Save up 3000-3500 crystals to farm and max skill the new Homunculus that's going to be released within the next two or three months.


        • ihatenoise
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          The sad things is I already have enough of those to max skill at least 1 new homie lol, i prepared for it

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        This game is super P2W, even more so now than ever before.
        If you are F2P, you MUST be able to handle being mediocre. Don't expect too get much progress or even compete with P2W as it is BS. That's the harsh truth that every single player got to realize.


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          Originally posted by ihatenoise View Post
          Is anyone else in this boat? I just feel like I'm not progressing anymore, like no matter how much I farm if I don't put in some serious cash I'll never go much higher anyways, so why bother?
          Here. I was keeping alive ToAH on the hope of getting at least a useable LD Nat4, but the row of crappy farmables is spoiling the experience even there.

          Runes, why bother? Summons, with almost all elemental Nat4s, why bother?

          It is not about lack of progress. It is not about lack of capability to compete.

          At this point it is about the game's utter stinginess.


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            Originally posted by Lov3 View Post
            This game is super P2W, even more so now than ever before.
            Sorry bro, but has has nothing to do with p2p or f2p. I am a paying customer and not casual.. i am a consistent paying player... and here i am also complaining.

            P2p or f2p... does not matter. In the game of grinding our money does not have any effect on drop rates


            • BigDaddyToe
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              my point is... again... 'In the game of grinding our money does not have any effect on drop rates "
              I am talking about the GRINDING.. and the DROP RATES... for both P2P and F2P....

              nevermind the sales on packs... they are worthless also, (i tried them).. still garbage.. never bought one again for a year now

              The Rune Crafting from Craft Building gives far better result imopo

            • charlesthemud
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              Hey Bro,

              why complain, just enjoy the game and have fun.

              I know the drop rates for runes is not very satisfying, but C2U is trying it's best to fix the rates. They deleted the 4* runes in b10, and with all the symbols we've been getting, we can craft the rune we want to get. To me this is much better than some random 4* endure/fatal/energy runes, rune quality-wise and mana-wise.

              Be thankful for what you have,

            • BigDaddyToe
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              charlesthemud you are mocking me again bro? you never get tired don';t you.. i though we already agree to be friends?

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            We have to accept that this is a luck based game. Just like real life, the game isn't fair. Some of us are born with great nat5s (you know, those people who pull Zeratu, Perna, or other crazy stuff at level 15), most of the rest of us have to work for it. I went 2 years without a single nat5. I was also clearing TOAH and TOAN most of that time... I was doing everything possible to get a Nat5 (guild point farming for legendary scrolls, lots of exclusive summon stones, lots of refills and speed teams for every B10 as well).

            I was about to quit & then I did pull 2x nat5s... My arena jumped from C2 to C3 (that's right, I was getting C2 without any nat5s which is pretty damn hard I might add). Since then I've pulled a lot more nat5s and my luck has changed (I've been hitting G1 in arena). However, only 300 people can get the honor of reaching guardian, so I realize most of you reading this probably have not experienced the same luck I have.

            Let's not forget, this game IS pay to win. If you don't pay, and if you're not lucky, then don't expect to win.


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              I might add, the game is designed to make us always want something... I have 10x Nat5s, but Psamathe, Seara, and Zaiross are not among those. The game is literally designed where we are not supposed to get what we want (unless you are like Goku and you spend 100k+ on this game). I still lose in arena, and RTA plenty... (I'm G1 in rta, but most G2 players destroy me) since no matter how good you are, you'll just rise to a level where those around you are just as good or better, then at that level you'll take losses, and you'll get frustrated. I see a lot of churn even in the top few players.... I don't see anyone consistently getting legend rank, and usually they need help from their friends at the top to do it. I've seen the #1 player in RTA still lose to G1 or C3 players on occasion due to really bad luck... Frustration is a part of this game. The more you play, the more you're going to experience that... The better your runes are, the more it will seem like only garbage drops from the B10s. Embrace the challenge, have fun with it...

              One thing is certain; if you keep playing, you'll keep improving. You're reading this forum so that shows you are playing smart.. and sooner or later playing smart pays off. I've been clearing TOAH for almost 3 years, and its only in my last 2 clears that I pulled Praha 2 months ago (from my TOAH 100 legendary), and then last month Ritesh (also from the TOAH 100 legendary).


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                same feeling here

                While i'm still farming every day i'm getting weaker and weaker
                I was G2/G1 before, but then i haven't been able to go further rank 350/400 for the last 2 months (no psama *cough* *cough*)

                I'm pretty sure that i won't even been able to hold C3 in a few months going this way xD

                and the rates are just ...... rigged as ****


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                  Skipping pvp at all is nice to relieve stress.
                  Only 9 fights a day, the ones which give a few crystals for a recharge.


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                    I dont care about Lightningrates.
                    I dont care about N5.
                    If you dont have good runes, no N5 can help you to Progress.
                    After Necro Update the Quality of Runes is plain bad.
                    I CAN NOT REMEMBER!! when i got the last 6* legendary violent Rune 2/4&6 without flat stats and decent substats.
                    This is just sick and i am recharging multible times a day.

                    This is just no fun anymore.