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    Ganymede from Summoner Stones in hope of getting a Chasun
    Arnold from event LS... Briand food I guess...

    ToA(H) are still WIP.
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      I am planning to finish TOA N and H(if I can i heard arta is in fl 80) .. then will summon all.. got some lnD from even... im so excited to see if I can get another Dark martial cat again Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee ^_^


      • Kalionys
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        If u ever beat arta on floor 60 in toah u can probably beat him in 80
        Same team and hope for the same rng lol (not to mention u probably have slightly better runes or skill ups and better glory towers)

      • BigDaddyToe
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        Thanks. Still at h floor 50+ now.. hopefuly will pass arta hehe

        wow this event + toa reset gives lots to summon

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      Got Praha... 2nd Praha. I don't have a large amount of nat 5s, but what I do have in possession is all the elemental buff removers (Chiwu, Praha, Juno, Triton, Tiana).

      As always, please buff/change Juno =]


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        Got a nigong from event ld. Still can't believe it. Have to check every couple of minutes to see if hes still there and that this isn't a dream.


        • sham_witwiki
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          wow..thats great!!super rare to get..Gz!!

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        Originally posted by hobonger69 View Post
        Got a nigong from event ld. Still can't believe it. Have to check every couple of minutes to see if hes still there and that this isn't a dream.
        Wow!!!! Now that's what I like to see~

        Good god that's amazing, congratulations and have fun with such an awesome unit!!


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          ToA LS - Okeanos
          ToA LnD - trash
          1 LnD from Event - more trash
          Mystics from ToA - trash over trash


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            Yawn. Forgot to update, trash from ToAH LD and LS too.

            But I've got hope for the event scrolls I have left!

            I mean I still have toys to work on. But the dream's still alive


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              Got LnD scroll from world boss and monster on wish + LS pieces , rewards from toa normal, multiple prem pack and stock MS, All Foods. I'm saving up all 3* food monster I got for the light fusion monster in the future.


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                3 years playing. Opening every scroll from events and premature packs. Only 1 vanessa


                • Dovahkiin
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                  Well at least you had a good two year run of Vanessa back when she was a god tier monster...unless you pulled her recently, in which case rip again. Hope your summon luck gets better soon n.n

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                SS, keeping for zaiross rotation

                Crystals. Food, wind dicer (double, fed)

                LD. Dark inu, again, lost count... 3 years of gameplay, one single lightning, and it has been a Chamie that is in storage ever since... Bah.

                Legendary. That dark inu made me lose interest in ToAH completely so im halting at H90... No point in wasting time over some further ludicrous iteration in the food category.

                Last event LD, TBA.

                For now, all bull****.


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                  Nothing this time for me :/ maybe next month!


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                    2 Legendary scrolls (one from event) and got 2 fire mermaids.
                    Darion from LD and another Dark Living Armor


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                      Chasun from event LS, Jackie from first DB10 LD
                      Pretty happy with the Chasun


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                        How were my summons? Bad. Painful, ugly, trashy bad.

                        3 L&Ds (2 from event, 1 from TOA) - Light mammoth, light bearman, dark elemental.

                        LS - fire sylphid (have maybe 4 or so other fire sylphids in storage).

                        This follows a string of 150+ MS/SS/ElemS (over the last 4-5 weeks) with I think 4 lightning - nothing exciting or needed.

                        Business as usual.


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                          Event LS gave me a dupe Fedora, who immediately got fed to Briand.
                          ToA LS gave me another dupended 4*, I've already forgotten what it was.
                          L/D scroll gave me light sylph, which was nice since at least I didn't have him.
                          I also landed on monster from wishes a couple days ago my but it gave me talc.