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Is mirroring allowed?

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  • Is mirroring allowed?

    Some phones from ASUS bring the LINK PC app, and others you can use VYSOR in Chrome. Since this is not an emulator, is just an way to mirror you cel screen in the PC, I wonder if that is legal or not?

    Ty anyone know? Ty for you time.

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    as long as it's only Mirroring & not modified the game files,, it's fine..
    JewBagel (Schizopernic Gamer Youtube Channel) used Vysor long time ago..


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      mirroring = fine
      emulating = boooo


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        need some confirm from the mod haha


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          I'll respond with a quote that supposedly came from support

          Hello XXXX,

          Thank you for contacting Com2uS Global Support.

          We understand you are inquiring about playing Summoners War using an emulator.

          You found a thread on reddit about bluestacks supporting Summoners War?

          All of our games are only compatible with mobile devices and tablets, and using 3rd party programs (such as emulators) are technically against our game's Terms and Conditions.

          However, if you wish to play the game on a PC, we strongly advise you to always utilize proper emulators.

          Usage of emulators that come with cheat/illegal programs, macros, malicious software, etc. can and will result in an account restriction.

          Even if you are not using such to intentionally hack or cheat in the game, an account block will be placed and the restriction will not be lifted.

          There may be certain emulators that come with illegal programs that you may be unaware of, so please make sure to carefully check the emulator details you are using or planning on using.

          Please kindly note, as Com2uS is not responsible for accounts that are banned due to improper use of 3rd party programs, we can only advise you to use them at your own risk.

          We hope this answers your concerns, and should you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.

          Thank you for playing Summoners War and we wish you a lovely day!

          Best regards,