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Leak of a Choose your own HoH for the Anniversay event?

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  • Leak of a Choose your own HoH for the Anniversay event?

    Each user is able to choose whatever dungeon they want to do. But once you choose the HoH, you can't do the other ones.

    This is a leak and can be fake so take a grain of salt. But in my personal opinion, following the current trend would lead it to be real. I would be surprised if it didn't happen.

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    Don't know. Seen that.

    Also seen a banner for a light ninetails HoH and then we had Gemini HoH.

    IMHO, we should just wait and see. There is no point in generating hype where hype is not due.

    Just my 2 cents, eh.

    PS: Buff my Nat2s


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      i dont trust that site tbh.... people say that its not a leak but just speculaion


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        until I see the light nine-tails HoH, not putting any faith in that site lol.

        And seriously, its just a HoH. who cares these days. would much rather get MS or LS since its pretty much nat 5* or bust these days.


        • Chowftw
          Chowftw commented
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          It matters for people who don't have dias pretty much. It would let me be able to run 3 nukers in r5 while not needing to use cr lead.

        • bulldullzer
          bulldullzer commented
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          Well that Brownie Magician HoH is gonna save me 5 devilmons since I was one of those lazy slob that didn't grind Gemini SD... *hides in shame* I will take 5 devilmons over an LS imo...

          But yea, until the info is in an official site, it's just as legit as the awesome Chamie HoH...