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  • This forum has become divided

    Within the last 24 hours this forum has become divided into political parties somewhat.

    The dias supporters and the dias haters

    I do have one question for every dias hater though. If your not supporting dias, then who are you supporting?

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    Can i have a popcorn first? Cause i don't have one right now
    Jokes aside, well welcome to the forum, where almost every topic can cause either small scale or big scale civil war
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    • Argon
      Argon commented
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      I'm on the Captain America side ~~

    • Vizelion
      Vizelion commented
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      BigDaddyToe haha, your welcome XD
      Argon we are on the same side then

    • bulldullzer
      bulldullzer commented
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      I KNEW I have something similar to Tony Stark!

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    I don't care tbh but I already have a dias but they probably want food for another unit. There has been a light Death Knight HoH so I assume they don't need the fodder.


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      i've seen worse, and you must be new here i guess lol


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        This game was always devided, between players who have accounts with blessed drop rates, and the ones with cursed un-eventfull accounts who despite dropping way to much money in this 3YEAR OLD MOBILE game, they still cannot even get ONE single 5* or whatever they need for that account to progress towards the game. (if anyone so much as even dares shuv that...runes over.....I'ma slap you silly back to the case you didn't notice runes are NOT droppping specifically for certain slots, specifically without speed subs, or main subs, same goes for cdmg etc, and also there the matter of OP 5* doing the work of 2-3-4 other mons combined given their skill set)

        Also the game has been devided into people having allowed cheats and those who can't get them, cause yes, some mons are simply OP gamebreaking cheats who simply make it stupidly easier in certain aspects of the game.

        It's like, I'm giving you and another guy a house, for free, he gets it can get either the walls of it, or the roof of it, but not both. THAT is exactly how this game treats its entire player base.

        So regardless if it's dias or not (frankly...he's a bit overrated), the fact remains that they have yet to announce any open selection HoH as they did previous it's kinda cr.appy? You're still making boat load of money with minimum effort, yet you can't even give the players a chance to get one of those missing lame HoH mons, cause yes, most (most, not all, but let's say 95%) of the selected HoH mons are either waaaaay niche mons, or just plain useless...directly selected as skillups food for 4* better versions of that type of mon.

        If c2u doesn't want its playerbase to be salty, then 2 things have to happen: BALANCE the freakin game, as in difficulty wise, a 1 year old player shouldn't have to to have any issues in any area of the game, let alone 2/3 years+ players who have over 50 x 6* etc etc etc
        ...and most importanly balance the freakin game so there's a counter to everything, which currently is nowhere to be seen given stupidly OP buffs to already decent2good mons which surprise surprise are 5*s that people can't get.

        It's a mess, and the sole responsible person for it is c2u.
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        • OccultBoy21
          OccultBoy21 commented
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          Well not ALL HoH were selected for food. Examples:
          Aria and Dias HoH. Aria a TOA queen, Dias a nice helper in raids.
          The Best monster awards nominees: Delphoi Luna Gin Shiwha Su.
          Taurus, a monster besides Zaiross with a dependable AOE cooldown.
          Gemini, an absolute help in RTA

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        I think there's nothing wrong on being divided. That's what make the forums entertaining with different opinions being thrown here and there. Oh, and btw I'm with the "We need Dias HoH" party. LOL


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          Originally posted by CaseyR167 View Post
          Within the last 24 hours this forum has become divided into political parties somewhat.
          Old news. Happens anytime on any matter.



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            Camilla needs a buff vs Camilla does not need buff
            Seara need a nerf vs Seara does not need nerf
            Old HoH system better vs New HoH System Better

            it's happened all the time, a forum is where lot of minds gather so it's not really strange if there is any different opinion.


            • skyboi
              skyboi commented
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              i would say that camilla doesnt need a buff ...but now that i have her she does :P

            • finzero
              finzero commented
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              no no no,,, don't buff her....................... yet.. i still don't have her xD....

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            why do people even care about the dias hoh?
            sure they you him why do you care?


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              You should have seen the community division created by HOH vote from the first year anniversary. Im pretty sure threads on the subject were still being created by the time we made it to the second year anniversary.


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                I still say that dias will be a selection for the anniversary hoh later this month, so no, I don't support a repeat dias hoh when there's a 99.9% chance you get to pick him for yourselves in a couple weeks


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                  I wouldn't say that I am a hater of Dias so much as I am a hater of any HoH for a mon that I've already spent time grinding in a previous HOH Dias included. It cheapens the experience of having been around and investing the time into previous HOH if it's just going to be resurrected.

                  There are a few HoHs that I missed due to taking breaks from the game with mons that I wouldn't mind having like Light Succubus. Dark Phantom Thief, and Dark Magic Knight however I'm not rallying to have them repeated because I don't think it's fair to the players who were around to get them.

                  Light\Dark HoH's I'd be happy with include:

                  Nine Tailed Fox
                  Dice Magician

                  ... and I'd be really happy with:

                  Vampire (Light or Dark)
                  Taoist (Light)
                  Joker (Dark)

                  ...but those three are likely never going to happen.

                  I also wouldn't mind Wind 9-Tails because I'm lazy as hell about fusing 4* mons, and I'd like a short cut to my Panda.


                  • genesisx38
                    genesisx38 commented
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                    lol bro give up on the tablo hoh. that is never ever going to happen

                  • OccultBoy21
                    OccultBoy21 commented
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                    Light Dark Vampiers are nat 5s. Tablo OP,

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                  Originally posted by luigizanotti View Post

                  Old news. Happens anytime on any matter.

                  Hahahahahahaa this, exactly. This is nothing new eventually a hoh will be announced if at all and then something new will be argued about.


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                    No, you are wrong.. the forum is not divided.... Selfish is the right word

                    They only like what they like.. only thinking of what they like.. like a brat child not getting his lolipop from the store when mommy says no


                    • MrGregUniverse
                      MrGregUniverse commented
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                      More accurate is the child who gets the lolipop every time their mother takes them to the store, the child expects it, the mother has a history of announcing the incoming treat. then without warning the child receives nothing...

                      but by all means continue to white knight and cling to the idea that all events are gifts after all no business has to compete and even industry giants like Mcdonalds give promotions and coupons out of the goodness of their heart right? its totally not a planned and well executed event to drive long term sales highly analyzed by professionals or anything...

                    • BigDaddyToe
                      BigDaddyToe commented
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                      Agreed. It's all business. Period.

                      Com2us did not gives u a Zaiross or a Perna.. because he is special..

                      and that they SHOULD and they have the RIGHTS to DEMAND

                      LOL thats a big LOL. .. Demand my big fat ***

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                    i'd be happy to have 3* lnd sd of basalt on saturday then kabilla on sunday.... instead of dias


                    • BigDaddyToe
                      BigDaddyToe commented
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                      Oh yeah.. that's more like it ^_^