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Reappraisal stones - Are they worth it?

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  • Reappraisal stones - Are they worth it?

    I'm kind of wondering if these things are even worth the effort of getting them? I did some farming to try out a couple just to see. I used them on a Violent/Legendary rune and the results were quite cringing (Resist % and flat stats). I know it is a little difficult to develop a firm result just from a couple tries. However, with results being THAT bad, it definitely makes me not want to do that again.

    What results are others having out there? Are they turning out to be higher positive results or just the opposite?

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    Assuming the primary stat is what you want, the question is whether the effort you went through for the reappraisal is worth finding a 6 star legend rune.

    The chance that the reappraisal will be crap is the same chance that a brand new legend 6 star rune will be crap.


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      I use them on legendary 6* runes with horrible stats.... too bad i've sold a bunch at the past.

      Most of them can't get any worst from what they are now so it should be pretty good.... a chance for your legendary runes to actually be a legendary rune.


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        So I get SS on all my rifts. I calculated getting 90 for each element per week is about 30 crystals each so roughly 90 crystals to get 3 appraisal stones. Depends on your luck but im on the fence on this one.

        90 crystals for 33 DB/NB/R5 runs OR
        3 appraisal stones


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          Definitely worth it. Think how rare it is to pull a legend 24 or 6 % rune with good subs. I only had 2 appraisals and already made a garbage legend violent atk slot 6 rune into something amazing. The real issue is farming the crystals. If you can't get S on at least one rift it probably isn't worth the grind


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            I wish the amount of stones was increased for f2p between 5-7 a week. Spenders are able to get 600 stones a year. F2p only 156. The gap between f2p and p2w is 4x+


            • Dovahkiin
              Dovahkiin commented
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              600 vs 156 is very very very reasonable compared to the difference in scrolls gotten per year

              And scrolls and stones are very similar themselves: both have a chance of improving your game a lot, but neither guarantee anything. P2W only gets more chances at it, where these stones are in fact limited.

              If com2us wanted to make this p2w they would have made them infinitely buyable. The purchasing cap exists specifically to help the f2p community

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            i crafted a will Rune CD% legendary, quadroll to resist. Tried reappraisal 3 times, it became 9% acc, 7% attack, 16%CR, 14% hp. I guess its worth it, HAHA


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              It was worth i think, at least now the "useless legendary runes" with undesirable stat (quad flat roll, everyone?) can even turn into something good (or usable at least)
              The luckiest of my roll are 6* Violent Slot 6 Atk% which previously had only 1 roll flat hp, 1 roll spd, 2 roll cdmg which changed into 3 rolls into 20% cr and 1 high roll into 13% hp (too bad did not come into cr as well) and extra 4% acc and 5 spd (i know kinda lowish spd and mid-lowish cr rolls as well, but i can't complain with that 20% cr)


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                I hope com2us adds something to identify the rune if it started out as a legendary... some of my 6 star runes that are fully upgraded I cant remember if it was a legendary rune to start or not... Some I can tell by what was rolled, but some with flat stats that roll, I cant tell if it started as a legendary or not.... Wish there was some indication on the rune page that indicates if it started as a legendary when I acquired it.....


                • sai052493
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                  Or they can stop the changing of rune colors when it upgrades to +9 and +12. That way we can see which runes we have easily. haha

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                Id be for that as well.... stop changing the color or stop calling it legendary when it becomes 12 to 15....