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  • More and more P2P

    This game is becoming more P2P every day. Now we got this new rerroling system. Not a bad thing, but a F2P can make 3 per week and P2P can buy 50 per limited buy? If this limited buy is like the devilmons limited, this game is hella broken.

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    All games are pretty much p2p. Summoners war just happens to be one of the fairest where paying doesnt guarantee 100%


    • sai052493
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      This^ thank you sir for wrapping it up. hahaha

    • aykutaydin91
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      bro do you even transcendent scroll?

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    Games don't support them selves. If they don't make revenue somehow the game will shut down. Helping them pay for development, salaries, etc., gives a few extra benefits to the P2P supporters although they are still hella RNG based and baited hard. LOL


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      Unless you aim to get Legend rank, this game is not P2W, it's still balanced enough to let F2P compete.

      Be grateful people are spending, it's because them you're allowed to play this for free.


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        ask your self this.. how are u being affected if a player like me spend $$ in the game?

        I would understand if my wife get affected if i spend $ in this game.. I donèt get it.. your are not my wife... and... i am not getting my money to buy in your bank acct LOL


        • cekulee
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        Whether people are F2P or P2P, we all enjoy playing this game. Who cares how people choose to spend their money. The fact is that it is "theirs". Lol


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          Hello Apche, I understand your concerns haha.

          With regards to reappraisal stones in particular, it is no change whatsoever from the normal format; reappraisal stones are not guaranteed to get anything, and is perfectly analogous to summoning, which has always been the case: pay more for a chance at maybe something good.

          This randomness was designed with the f2p community in mind, while also giving some motivation to pay (and thus support the game). It is a balance unique to SW, which helped the game grow so well

          This is among the least p2W games in its genre n.n


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            Does it really affect your life that much that you need to post complaints about it?

            Almost every game I've every played has had the option to pay to progress at a faster pace.. why should this game be different?

            Accept it as fact and be glad you can get 3 for free each week.


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              There is no need to limit to 3 stones per week. 1/day for a total of 7 stones a week is a fair balance.


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                It's time some freeloader should learn to shut-up and appreciate


                • nooooo
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                  Paying does not guarantee anything but merely more opportunities to get something. Luck/paying get you there sooner, not more.
                  What I don't understand is, for anyone to feel entitled without giving anything in return and over-estimate their worth to the game/community

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                P2P only grant you more chance and that also still RNG. This stones does not always guaranteed a good roll on runes, sometimes you get a good results in only a handful of stones, sometimes you only had low-ish results from bunch of stones, still RNG
                And RNG depends more on your luck rather than your money


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                  Your P2P with 50 more stones being better than F2P with only 3 stones is irrelevant if the P2P has no luck.

                  Luck is too underrated in many things. Michael Jordan (just to pick a name) is lucky to be born in an age where someone could make money throwing a ball into a ring.