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  • Live arena feedback

    Live arena is a fucking joke, that's my feedback.

    Instead of coms fixing problems with arena like violent runes, accuracy, or resist they make another pile of shit.

    Also ranking system is so terrible it's not even funny.

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    I think it could be ok if they fix the point system so that penalty for loosing is 1/2 point deduction so that mid and low level players can climb up ranking somewhat and not be deadlocked at c1 rank


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      I kept getting matched with people that are using a full team of game changing nat 5s....perna / praha / chiwu / zarioss / all desert queens.... a fully willed team won't even make any can any players fight back using nat 4 or farmable?


      • Sweaty_Ballz
        Sweaty_Ballz commented
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        If you don't have 6+ OP Nat 5, RTA is not for you

      • Drandip
        Drandip commented
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        You don't fight back because you can't. Just lower your rank and get matched with relevant opponents!

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      Thank God they put rewards in such a way as allowing the *DON'T LIKE, DON'T USE* approach.

      Being things like they stand, I will just skip it: apart from any other concern (and there are many: ranking, rewards, mechanics), it consumes way too much time.

      I have seen there is an event incoming giving you 100 crystals, 100 energy and some rubbish if you play 10 matches: if I will *even* bother, I will just run fake matches with x4 2* and good riddance.