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Help on Guardian AD please?

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  • Help on Guardian AD please?

    Hello, I'm a Conqueror 3 player and I want to step up my game on Guardian Arena. I want to place an AD with meaning and plan but I cannot get my thoughts on it, can some elite help? I was wondering if yall can help me build a solid AD around Rakan?

    box -

    edit: I will give my best runes to any monster you guys suggest would help me reach guardian arena.

    have fun in rush hour!

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    Camilla rakan orion amduat is the most toxic ad I can think of. I'm not guardian but that seems the most effective ad to me - could also try vanessa in place of amduat if your orion isnt fast enough. Amduat sadly doesn't stop cleave teams so he'd only stop lushen.


    • DerickJose
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      Thank you for your input buddy, it makes sense but when you're high in arena you have to provide an AD strong enough to prevent Lushens and cleave teams. I think I am lacking a solid AoE stripper like Praha or Juno to make my AD scary. Camilla Rakan Orion Amduat sounds cleaveable and doesn't bring any sustain other than relying on the tankiness of Camilla and Rakan's 30% chance to Collapse.

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    Don't buy any wings refills, save 13 wings till 9:30pm. You are guaranteed c3 if you can clear those wings in 30 mins. No point in chasing guardian as you have to be in top 300 unlike RTA were it accounts for top 1%. Is 20 extra crystals worth 30 mins of your time?