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    Hey gang.

    Did any1 build a Bering for AO or GWO? I´m thinking of building kind of a semi-stall cleave comp with Bernard / Galleon / Bering / Water Homie or Liu Mei and have my attackers pretty fast at around 180-200spd.

    I also have a Taurus and a Malaka laying around in storage, and I´m debating which one I should build first and if I want to fodder them to whichever I chose. They all seem kinda fun, although Malaka and Taurus kinda need a bomb team setup I guess.

    It´s just that his skillset seems kinda fun to play around with, but I´m not sure if he´ll turn out the way I want him to.

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    Without a Seara, I think Malaka is of limited use because of delayed bombing. Giving the opponent 1 turn to fight back is not a good idea.
    Bering doesn't appear to do much damage and the hex doesn't appear to be of any use


    • FooJub
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      I do it all the time in gw, malaka betta ganymede. Double bombs and the safety to survive. Hasnt lost yet

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    Taurus might be the best of those three for pvp


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      Ydcb or jew is building one...see what they do with him. I fed him to malaka :/


      • Greagor
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        I farmed 12 during the HOH. Still can't decide what to do with mine