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No devilmon in the new World Arena shop?

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  • No devilmon in the new World Arena shop?

    I noticed there are ms, water, wind, fire, etc. but no extra devilmon.

    As scarce as devilmon are, you get like 5 or 6 a month.
    Typically, most monsters need like 10 skillups.
    I have 2 nat 5s I recently got and I already know it's going to take 4 long months to skill them both up fully and who's to say I won't get another natural 5 within those 4 months?
    It just makes progress very slow, not having much ways of obtaining that many devilmon.

    I think it's a fair thing to ask a weekly devilmon be put in the new world arena shop like there's one in the arena glory shop.
    It would get people to play it more every week.

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    Your last sentence is precisely why it isnt there.

    for once c2u listened to feedback. Understood a large % did not enjoy RTA for various reasons. So they made a 'cosmetic' shop and chance for extra scrolls.

    devilmon etc make those who do not want to play RTA have to just to keep up.


    • Garok
      Garok commented
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      Keep up?
      I don't get who you have to keep up with though. Summoners war isn't a race.
      If you play the game competitively, then you're bound to farm for long hours and do what you have to do to, but don't really want to just to "keep up" anyways.
      There's a lot of players that enjoy RTA, myself included now especially that there are rewards for doing it.

      Devilmons will not only speed up this slow process of skilling up monsters for the f2p players but will also encourage more people to try out this new part of the game. I think it'd be good.

    • Asmosis
      Asmosis commented
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      It most definitely *is* a race if your a G-ranked player in regular arena. For the people at the front staying up to date with the best monsters, the best runes etc requires a massive commitment and they are *always* in competition with each other to stay ahead in that race.

      Heck i'm only C2-C3 and i'm falling behind because I'm not farming grindstones anywhere near as often as I should.

    • Garok
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      The majority of the player base isn't c2+ and like I said.. you're going to play competitively either way, that won't change.
      Doing a few matches of RTA for a devilmon per week isn't the equivalent of farming grindstones for hours every day.

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    Think of it this way: by adding a devilmon to the world arena shop you´d practically double the monthly attainable devilmon, which would pretty much make the purchasable devilmon pack obsolete, diminishing profits for com2us. A monthly devilmon I could imagine, but not weekly. There´s a reason why devilmon are so scarce, and that´s because they want to sell their devilmon packs.

    I´m not saying I´d not be totally siked about having another weekly devilmon, because I would, but it just doesnt seem realistic.

    Oh and also what Stvevan said


    • Garok
      Garok commented
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      Makes sense but I don't think com2us is 100% in it for the money and that's it.
      They changed HOH to make it faster because a lot of players found it very repetitive or something along those lines.
      I don't think it's a stretch to assume they'd add a devilmon to this new shop in the future.

      Double the monthly devilmon would mean you'd be able to fully skill up 1 monster every month considering you do enough arena every week and can reach that level in toa and toah.
      That's not very fast progression either but it's way faster than it is now and it rewards the active players.

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    They stated that they don't want anyone to be pressured into feeling like they should do RTA. Not everyone can do well in RTA.
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      due to the large community of whiners who dont want to play RTA, we now lose a chance to increase monthly obtainable amount of devilmons.

      I dont play regular arena as well can you please delete devilmon from arena shop as well? thanks c2u!


      • Garok
        Garok commented
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        Thanks for agreeing.
        I totally see your point there.

        I'm not trying to be mean to them, but the majority of these peeps would rather deprive everyone else of +1 devilmon per week as long as it means they aren't behind them.

        It's a classic..
        "Hey, that guy is rich. I wanna be rich but I don't want to work for it cause I'm too lazy to do what I need to do to become rich. How about we just make everyone else as poor as me instead of giving me the opportunity to become rich too."

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      A lot of people exhaustively complained about RTA and showed clear dislike of the concept.

      Com2uS simply listened to the community and decided the rewards to be cosmetic only so no one is pressured or obliged to do something they dislike.

      That's the community for you.


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        THANK GOD!

        that would have made world arena compulsory, and I really *really* don't like live PVP so it would have killed the game for me.

        What they have done which is a great compromise is focus on the cosmetic stuff. People who don't like the arena aren't put at a big disadvantage in other areas of the game by not looking pretty.


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          Yeah...I suck at rta :3 c2 in arena, the other c2 in rta....leelelelelelelell (I may have half arsed it)


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            I mean no one is forcing you to do live arena if you don't want to.
            No one has a gun to your head saying "do live arena or else".

            So you don't have to have an outlook about it that potentially ruins a good chance for other players to progress the game much faster.
            No one likes waiting months to skill up one monster.

            If they add a devilmon to live arena, that just means active players could max skill one monster a month.
            It rewards active players, even if they are just f2p.
            What's so bad about that? You not being able to keep up because you're too lazy to play a few 2 minute RTA matches a day?

            It's like if your friends want to go to a concert but you don't wanna go, you don't have to force everyone not to go. You can just choose not to go yourself and give your ticket to someone else. But at the same time you shouldn't complain about them going without you because that's really hypocritical.


            • Stvevan
              Stvevan commented
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              Lets face it RTA isnt a quick 2minute battle.

              Farming the glory in arena is only really barable because speed combos. You can clear 10 wings within 10 minutes. I guarantee in RTA it will take a minimum of 3x that for 10 wings.

              Your already forced to do normal arena for devilmon/buildings. - lets face it devilmon are so rare people would do it just to get them (as they do already in arena) - many people hate toah due to the length of a stage but they still do it to get the devilmon.

              Plus if less people play it you have a better chance of claiming the higher rewards because no doubt there are many high ranking players who arent keen on it also.

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            Can get a new arena, new cosmetic goodies not too many care for, new mounts absolutely no one cares for - still can't get Devilmon in Guild Shop. Logic.


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              No. i don't agree to put devil in shop..
              simply, not everyone do or have time for RTA... no other explanation needed.


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                To the posters who are complaining about why there should not be a devilmon in the new RTA shop, its your problem you don't want to do things in the game, but I do.

                Devilmon into the shop = more participants. More people there = higher ratings for people who want to do it serious like me. Which would also give me the opportunity to get over 1500 and get the 30% reward, and not having it 1500 = top .02% of the players. As you seen on the tests of RTA. Lack of players = really really crap rewards only for those with Verad+Hathor+vela to lock out the other guys chance of actually surviving.

                Also I want to save some money on devilmons. An extra 4 devils per month isn't going to break the game. I still want to use devils for nat4s that I will use and not wait for this **** lightning rate to pray for a skillup.