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What fodder did you get from exclusives

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  • What fodder did you get from exclusives

    Welp? I got minotauros x3 while zaiross rained in chat

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    I used 300 stones and best I got, was Walter 4* (Awaken Water Bounty Hunter). Rest was 3* such as Drunken Master and Amazon I think.


    • dreadlord000
      dreadlord000 commented
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      water Bounty Hunter = Wayne
      light Bounty Hunter = Walkers
      wind Viking = Walter

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    Lol i know the feeling of getting x5/6/7 of the same monster when using summ stones

    i am saving for tomorrow's refresh - seara and chiwu :3 (got 1300 stones atm) if i dont get anyone i will try again with toa stones and stones from this week's gw reward


    • ___
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      No, I think I am the only one who wants a Zaiross. =D

    • nankatsu
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      I have 2 zaiross.., will despair (spd, cd, atk), rage blade (atk cd atk)
      both of them I got from my friend rep

    • Kalionys
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      I know the feeling - got 3 zaiross as friend reps
      But i cant use any in toa or pvp :X

      Dont worry i'm sure we will get a zaiross sooner or later (probably later lol )
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    Haha already have Zaiross, I'm personally saving for Seara tomorrow.

    Will people get mad if I say I already own most of the nat fives of this cycle and of the coming weeks? Hahaha. I've never summoned a nat five from stones, personally, and I understand the struggle for zaiross.

    Sorry to hear the ripperoni from ya, but good luck to the community overall in your stone summons! I look forward to the seara and zaiross stories soon!


    • FooJub
      FooJub commented
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      Tru, never gotten a nat 5 from stones... only 5 was avaris xD gl with seara, she's a beast ^^

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    I don't have enough stones (only 289). And the nat 4 aren't interesting for me (i already have luer, barque and verde). Even if i'm dreaming of zaiross or a desert queen, I only got sh*t with SS.... So i only watch the nat 4. Waiting for the chloe rotation (that I won't have and I may got her one day in a random ms like verde or galleon or hwa x))


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      Seara rotation arrives in 1 day, and Toa reset is in 2 days. I'll do ToaN+ToaH to get more stones, and then aim for Seara.


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        Hoping & aiming for a verde but all 3* while the chat channel is raining nat 5* like triton, zaiross etc


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          food, food, food, awakened food, food, food, awakened food, food, food, food, food

          All the while the chat was, like, one Zaiross every 2,5 minutes.

          Man, the food I am dropping lately XD


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            1100 stones, (today was the 6000th stone used for verde)
            3 ligthning got QB, luer, pirate captain

            Verde will wait i guess


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              It's few weeks too soon for me to roll on summoner stones again, but I bet the answer will be the same two words: "no Chasun"...


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                The moment I got a 600th stone from ToAH i made another shot for Verde


                Got a Luer and 2nd Khmun


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                  never gotten a Nat5 or Nat4 from exclusive summons. gotten 2 or 3 fake 4*

                  its why i don't buy the summoning stone packs anymore, or anything else, been F2P for 3months now.


                  • krazye87
                    krazye87 commented
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                    I got my Laggy and Leo from summoning stones. F2p for 3 months? How do you do it? I was giving com2us the finger for giving me a 2nd leo from tranny nat5 pack. Then 3 weeks ago I got a raki+juno. (im kinda heavy p2p).

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                  Later today I'm praying for a Seara (LOL NOT GOING TO HAPPEN LOL). But I really reallyREALLY GODAMN ****ing want Taoist food.

                  I have a dark Taoist for a solid 8 months now who isn't skilled up. Every Taoist rotation I don't get any Taoist food.


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                    Have around 2k stones, but only use 1k when i get verde (solely my target along with water hours as bonus for my qebe skillups)
                    Honestly i never aimed to get nat5 from ss (too hard for that) so mainly aimed for 4*
                    Next rotation is when i turn my target to Orion and/or Hwa (or maybe Fuco for my necro) using the 1k leftover stones


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                      Target Zaiross..then I got drunken master..go home drunken master..u r drunk!