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[Notice] Summon Successful Event with Sniper Mk.Ⅰ!

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    Originally posted by TechnoNinja View Post

    You're full of crap and just got lucky. I have 14 F2P accounts and play 16hrs a day on 7 devices as I'm disabled.

    Each account had scrolls plus got 2 premium packs, only 1 account got 5, 1 has 4 the rest have 2. Each account has spent at least 1500 crystals.

    UPDATE: The account with 4 hit Anavel for #5 so 2 out of 14. no resources left on the rest


    • Nailyou866
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      And still just under a week left on the event....

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    Totally agree is a PAY TO WIN event i have summon per day like 5 or 6 scrolls or scam stones and im only getting 3 stars and more 3 stars i just got a nat 5 from a legendary scroll i was able to collect de pieces for. other than that just trash and the event is 5 days left


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      I get blasted with dozens of popups daily telling me to buy 30 differed packs that are all basically the you're going to make events p2w based? GG devs this game was already bad but you just succeeded in making it worse.


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        EXTEND THE EVENT PLEASE 3 MORE DAYS LEFT!!! (09/02/2019 today)
        I only need 1 more lightning but no more scrolls I want a sniper PLS PLS PLS


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          I've written off this event.
          48 summons on my main since event started, and 2 lightnings, but 6 fake 4's.........

          Really subtle way of pushing you to buy those packs that pop up over every screen.


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            Luckily I was able to finish the event even as f2p. With this post I just want to spread some numbers to reduce the amount of uncertainty in this thread.

            With my roughly 2-3 hours per day (dailies, DB10 farming, Lab) I managed to collect crystals for 3 premium packs (33 scrolls). I got 0 scrolls from dungeons during the last two weeks, which corresponds to my previous experience (typically maybe 1 or 2 per month). I also spent my 300 summoning stones (6 scrolls), guild points (2 scrolls), and arena points (2 scrolls). Moreover, I got 4 scrolls from shops. The still ongoing upgrade event gave 4 more scrolls.
            These 51 scrolls lead to 3 lightnings for me.
            I was able to finish the event as I have been super lucky with a trophy chest that gave me a complete legendary scroll. With the counter at 4, I decided to finish TOAH once again (while I typically stop at 70).

            In conclusion: With some luck, f2p players might be able to finish the event (1 day left), but if RNG is not on your side (or if you are not able to beat TOA/H), you might fail miserably.

            My opinion: I didn't like the event. Not only does it favor p2w, but it harmed the community.


            • WhyspreShayde
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              I actually like your post and conclusion. Thank you for having a cool head and explaining the problem clearly... I personally dont care about the sniper... Ill get one eventually... But I believe this was a trial run for more p2w only events with ridiculus requirements and bum rewards for f2p as an excuse to market this game as a "free phone app"...

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            finished the Event, got wind Sniper yeah - to my 4 MS lightnings came 4 fake nat4 - very odd


            • WhyspreShayde
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              Fake 4s never counted. Nice try tho

            • cruxio002
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              Wind Sniper, condolence.

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            Very disappointed but I already expected it that com2us will give me the Wind Sniper, eversince I played this game, I was the only player in my entire Philippine community I manage that only gives me underrated monsters, some luck I have. but ill give this guy a try, he's actually been doing great on a hybrid build (speed, tank, bruising) I have him on swift guard runes (no more runes sadly) But when I get a chance, I'll shift him to maybe to Violent Nemesis or Vampire Nemesis (revenge doesn't work on him or doesn't maintain his 2nd buff skill.


            • Midgetmetal
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              So you mean, a revenge while S2 is activated just causes the regular damage? And do you know if nemesis and his passive are working together?