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-Lucky Slot Event- Celebrating 80 Million Downloads! [7/10 -7/23]

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    got to say, in the year and a half i've been playing this is one of the worst events. it's 3 spins a day for mana and some daily reward that can only be collected once...not once a day but once as in next week when it restarts you can't collect the daily reward because you already claimed the 1 mystical scroll last week.


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      I have to agree with powwder.. I am the first to give the SW developers credit for the work they do but this event is a total drag... There have been so many good events in the last year, ones that make people want to achieve things to complete tasks and get rewards for those tasks. This event is just.. nothing... You get all the points you're allowed to use just by playing casually. And the rewards are really just things you can easily get in-game with minimal effort (with the one exception of the Reappraisal stone). Events should draw players in to play the game more and get them to do things outside of the daily checklist.. that's kind of their purpose isn't it.. All this one does is gives me a time to casually do ToA because I don't need to spend any of my time doing this...


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        Feedback for Com2Us (like they care, but still)...

        1) These kinds of events are, in my opinion, not fun. I could run giants or dragons all day and end up with very little headway in the event due to the insane amount of new crap that drops in these dungeons like the Symbols, iron ore, etc. I could run scenarios all day and get a bunch of 3* runes which also makes very little headway in the event at 1 point each. I could raid all day and get rainbowmons and mana. There is no way to guarantee good progress in the event, and that is very frustrating that advancement is limited so much by RNG.

        2) More importantly, the technical setup of this event is lazy at best, and pure trash at worst. Being unable to spin any monster slot on any day is problematic enough, but add to it that the event page does not clearly tell you if you completed that day's event or not is frustrating. You have to click on the COLLECT button for it to tell you if you collected the reward. It should default to COMPLETED when you collect the reward. It also does not tell you how many more spins you need to collect the reward. It is very easy to waste spins , and when points for spins are difficult enough to come by as stated above, that is quite frustrating. You can't look ahead (or behind) to see how many spins you still need each day/slot to see how you should plan your points or figure out how much grinding you have to do.... it's just frustrating overall in so many ways.

        To top it off, the rewards are lackluster. Overall very poor, lazy event.


        • Com2uS_Evan
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          Hey, Tokarz! Thank you for the feedback! We absolutely care about what you have to say because your opinion will ultimately help us craft a better experience for everyone. I've already sent over some feedback regarding the event, but I'm still taking note of what folks have to say about it.

          I totally understand the frustration about making headway in the event. I've been mostly trying to farm Aiden and Faimon to level up some units, so I haven't been able to progress very efficiently either. And as far as the event layout, I will pass that along. Thank you again for taking the time to write this up. Have a great day, and I'll see you around the forums! (:

        • Matplotlib
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          Agreed on everything you pointed out

        • Tokarz
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          Thanks for the reply Com2uS_Evan! It's good to hear that comments are being passed along.

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        Before the event begun, I was very excited to receive 3 reappraisal stones and a L&D. Turns out that it's only pieces of L&D, that there's no devilmon, that the wheel gives crap trash (and is not even animated correctly : doesn't slow down, or if it does to land on a good gift, it'll continue or stop before ; it's even worse than the temple of wishes), and that I only received one reap stone. Add to this the fact that I even had to consult a master thesis explaining how the event works, because I was so lost.
        I guess we also find it crappy because there were these awesome 3 years anniversary events before, which made us used to good rewards, but you won't make me think this is not a total failure. At least half of the community complains...