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[Info] World Arena Season 2 and Rift Dungeon Balancing Modification

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  • [Info] World Arena Season 2 and Rift Dungeon Balancing Modification

    Greetings from the Development Team!

    The first season of World Arena is about to end, soon!

    Today, we'll inform you about the details of the World Arena schedule for season 1 and 2, and also about the rift dungeon balancing modification.

    Before we go into the details, we'd like to thank all of you for your participation and support for the first season of the World Arena.

    During the development, we were nervous to introduce the World Arena where all users from all servers battle together since it was our first time to develop such content. Fortunately, a lot of users seem to enjoy the World Arena which made the entire development team feel very proud of the work.

    At the same time, we are constantly thinking about how we could improve the content and introduce a better gaming environment for you guys. We'll continue to keep our ears open for your opinions and try to reflect them to the gameplay.

    Now, let's take a look at the details of the future plans for the World Arena.

    ▶ Future Plans for World Arena

    - World Arena Season 1 will end on Jun. 28th. (v3.4.8 update)

    - World Arena Season 2 will start on mid-July. (v3.4.9 update)

    - Please note that the above schedule may change since the World Arena starts and ends with an update.

    - We'll put up another notice if there's any change to the schedule and we're currently preparing to put up the season end/starting date on the main page of the World Arena. Please refer to the image below.

    - After tallying, which will take a day, the reward for the World Arena Season 1 will be given to all servers starting Jun. 30th 12 am PDT.

    - You won't be able to enter the Ranking Battle during the Season 1 end - Season 2 opening, but you'll still be able to enter the Goodwill Battle.

    - Moreover, the World Arena Victory Points will also reset after the tally. The process will be similar to that of the Arena and please refer to the chart below for details.

    Next, we'd like to talk about the modifications on the rule of the next World Arena Season and new rewards that will be added.

    ▶ World Arena Season 2 Modifications

    - Acquiring additional turns with Violent Runes will now be limited to only 1 turn.

    : We got tons of opinions regarding the Violent Rune during the first season and decided to put a limit on it. We still believe that activating 1 additional turn can be a powerful variable in the gameplay.

    - If you have consumed all of your turn time without any action, the time given in the following turn will be reduced by half.

    For instance, if you don't make a decision within 15 sec during your first turn, the time that you get in your following turn will be reduced to 7 sec. For this 7 sec, if you don't make any action, your turn will be reduced by half once again, and you'll get 3 sec in the following turn. If you make an action within 3 sec and use your turn properly, the duration of your turn will be recovered back to 15 sec.

    We've made such modification to prevent users from being stressed by the opponent who intentionally making delayed decisions, and the same rule applies to the pick and ban system. The total amount of time given in the first turn during the pick and ban is 30 sec, and the duration will be shortened as follows: 30 sec -> 15 sec -> 7 sec -> 3 sec.

    - The base turn for additional effect activation will be changed as follows.

    (Previously) 30 turns at first, increases the Attack Power by 10% and decreases the HP by 10% for every 15 turns afterward.

    (Changed to) 20 turns at first, increases the Attack Power by 10% and decreases the HP by 10% for every 15 turns afterward.

    In order for users to be able to enjoy more thrilling battles in the World Arena, we decided to reduce the number of turns that activate additional effects.

    - Victory Point Balancing will be modified.

    There were lots of opinions about the change of the victory point, and there were cases where users getting too stressed about that their gameplays are getting interfered. To relieve such stress, we decided to modify the calculation of the victory point based on the data we collected from season 1 so that it can be more balanced. So far we've discussed about the rules that will change in Season 2 of the World Arena. We hope that the new rules will make the content more complete!

    In addition, we'll continue to listen to the opinions that you guys provide us and try to improve the gameplay. Along with the changes in the rules, exciting rewards will be added to Season 2!

    Let's see what rewards are added!

    ▶ New World Arena Season 2 Rewards

    First of all, Legend grade users will be given a special reward as noticed before.

    - A new Hall of Fame Menu will be added in the World Arena.

    : Some of you may have already noticed, but a new menu will be added to congratulate the users who reached the Legend Grade in each season. Who would be the honorable player to be registered to the Hall of Fame?

    - A unique statue will be rewarded to the World Arena Legend.

    : In addition to the Hall of Fame mentioned above, the Legend grade user will receive an additional reward, which is the below.

    This statue can be installed on the island and a special effect (World Arena Season 1 Legend) will be displayed when you tap the statue along with your name.

    - New World Arena Season 2 Rewards

    : As a [season reward], Homunculus Transmogrification and new Transmogrification Effect, Ellia's Ride will be available.

    Though we don't have the images yet, we can tell you that these will be great rewards for sure!

    Along with the above rewards, Ellia's House and a building where Ellia's rides can be kept will also be added, so please stay tuned!

    Next, let's talk about the modifications to be made to the Rift Dungeon.

    ▶ Rift Dungeon Reward/Balancing Modification

    After opening this dungeon, we've had so many internal discussions on how to make improvement and we finally decided to make the following modifications.

    - The rewards that are dropped in the Rift Dungeon will be adjusted.

    : A new [Reward Box] will be added as a reward for the Rift Dungeon gameplay. From this box, Gems/Grindstones that are related to Fight/Determination/Enhance/Accuracy/Tolerance Runes, as well as other items, will be dropped with a fixed chance.

    : No more Gems/Grindstones related to Fight/Determination/Enhance/Accuracy/Tolerance Runes will be dropped in the Rift Raid due to the modification.

    (The drop rate in the Raid remains the same, so we believe that it'll be easier to farm Gems and Grindstones.)

    : Condensed Magic Crystal will now be dropped for users who reach Grade B- and up. With this modification, the amount of Condensed Magic Crystals dropped each time has been slightly reduced. (The drop rate has increased, so you'll be able to acquire more Condensed Magic Crystals in the end.)Please refer to the chart below.

    - The effects of Fight/Determination/Enhance Runes will be increased.

    [Fight] Ally's Attack Power +7% -> +8%

    [Determination] Ally's Defense +7% -> +8%

    [Enhance] Ally's HP +7% -> +8%

    - The price of Fight/Determination/Enhance/Accuracy/Tolerance Runes will be adjusted.

    : The price will be increased from 161 up to 300% according to the grade of the Rune.

    : The price of the Runes acquired before the patch won't be increased.

    : Mana Stones will no longer drop as a Rift Dungeon reward. However, Runes/Grind Stones/Gems have been added enabling users to acquire Mana Stones by selling such items. Additionally, the price of the Rune has also increased, so we expect users to be able to acquire more Mana Stones than before.

    - The amount of inflicted damage will be increased by 50% when using Monsters that have attribute advantages in the Rift Dungeon. However, Monsters with attribute disadvantage will receive 50% increased damage from the Rift Beasts. The defense of the Rift Beast will also slightly increase.

    : It seems that only certain Monsters are being used in the Rift Dungeon, especially those of the attack type regardless of the attribute, and we thought that this should be changed since Summoners War expects users to enjoy strategic gameplay. By enhancing the attribute concept in the Rift Dungeon, we expect users to utilize as many Monsters as possible according to the attribute relations.

    Many of you may like or dislike some of the modifications made to the Rift Dungeon, but please keep in mind that we've thought it through carefully before making such modifications and decided to do so in order to provide everyone with better gaming environment and to improve Summoners War even further.

    Additionally, there's one last thing we've prepared for you!

    As mentioned briefly at the 3rd Anniversary Invitational, a support-type Homunculus will be added with the next update!

    - We're currently balancing the stats and skills so we can't give you many details, but it'll be a great Monster that possesses various beneficial and harmful effects.

    - Homunculus crafting cost and evolution cost will also be greatly decreased with the update.

    (Please keep in mind that the above content is still under development and may be different from the actual update.)

    That's all we got for you today! We thank you for your patience and support and please stay tuned for the future update!

  • #2
    and still no mention of a fix to stop hackers from stealing all of your user accounts..


    • KillerTyphoons
      KillerTyphoons commented
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      That won't help them make more money, so that's very low on their priority list.

    • oseriduun
      oseriduun commented
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      that's not entirely true.. people would continue to spend money if they continue to own their accounts..

      I lost my account to the recent hack (no email sent to my verified email address, and it was verified.. I have the emails proving it).. so even if after all this time (5 months and counting), I will never again ever spend a dime on any com2us game..

    • justinbailey
      justinbailey commented
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      Idk, seeing someone hack their servers even if it's only to post a message does NOT make me feel secure about my account and thus I will NOT spend another dime until com2us gets their priorities straighten out.

  • #3
    Thanks for giving us an update on what you have planned! It's very helpful to know a general roadmap of when things will be completed! Please make this a more occurring process. Thank you for finally doing something about rift/raid drops!!!!! I 100% support taking the new runes out of raids.


    • Com2uS_LotuS
      Com2uS_LotuS commented
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      Thanks for your comment!
      It's awesome to hear that you like the upcoming content!

  • #4
    The violent nerf is going to make PvP much more enjoyable and strategy based. Thank you for implementing this. The new Homunculus look like they will be fantastic.
    I support all of these changes. I think they will improve the game quite a bit.
    I'm looking forward to getting back into the rift beast fights as they were not giving me much to work with so I started working on different game content. Finally will be able to get some grind stones. Fingers crossed.


    • deforce
      deforce commented
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      lulz. now everyone will complain they lost vs faster teams.

    • Airtias
      Airtias commented
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      deforce I don't know why people keep comparing Violent nerfs to the speed meta. Truth is, speed is already king. Violent doesn't counter the Speed meta. Going first with Violent still usually helps win a battle.
      Plus, they are working to counter the Speed meta as well. I'm looking forward to seeing how they can evolve this game into a more strategy based battle system. Not a lucky violent chain proc or speed win. Let's see some strategic use of other rune sets and monster skills.

  • #5
    Really looking forward to see that support Homu.

    As well the other things too.


    • #6
      I like it but the increased defense on beasts because that means same attribute attackers will deal less damage, I find it unfair and it doesn't explain how if the beasts will have their defense increased, how is that other kind of monsters that are not attackers will be useful, this is already known that damage dealers are the best here and even if attribute advantage means you can do 50% increased damage the high defense bests already have can mitigate plenty of damage, also monsters that could be useful are not when they have skills that do damage based on the enemy's HP because the mitigation to this kind of damage is too high.


      • #7
        I have a few questions regarding the update. The vio limit will it be game wide or only in rta? The homu cost drops will they affect the skill cost for the current homu or only the new one? Any clarification on this will be appreciated.


        • #8
          Thanks for the update, I appreciate the headsup.
          This is very helpful .. makes me feel we are not kept in the dark.... now, i can say, it is worth the wait ^_^


          • #9
            Light and Dark beasts are going to be stronger if they increase its defense and since light and dark take advantage to each other your light mons will do 50% more damage on dark beast and also will take 50% more damage the same backwards but fire and wind and water elements will have to fight a dark and light beasts that will have more defense than before but doing no extra damage. This is a troll from devs or they didn't think about it yet or they didn't explain what will happen to light and dark beasts. This is important due the high amount of materials needed from these rifts for homunculus skills and runes crafting and I don't believe they decrease the material requirements of these elements that much.


            • Asmosis
              Asmosis commented
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              no the beast wont.

              dark has elemental advantage over light and light has elemental advantage over dark.

              Neither of them have elemental disadvantage (i.e. 50% chance for glancing hits and reduced damage).

              Basically you can keep using the same Light/Dark teams as you do right now with no ill effect, and if your lucky enough to actually have a LD heavy nuker you got a buff.

          • #10
            Well... thanks for giving me less of a reason to do rift than I already have. An increase to defense regardless of attribute bonuses will reduce my damage further and I barely muster a D-C as it is. Guess I'll continue to do other things.



            • Asmosis
              Asmosis commented
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              its impossible for all of your beast teams to get nerfed, even if you use the same team for all of them it's still going to be buffed vs 3+ beasts.

          • #11
            Amazing update overall. Going to have all the gemstones ready to summon new homunculus next week since need to grind beasts anyway to get 150 pure magic crystals for reappraisal stones so already have 1k spare light stones.

            I wonder if we get another free reset scroll and new achievement.


            • #12
              Please implement violent rta rule into regular arena. Dont just fix the part that esport audiences will see.


              • polskiorzel
                polskiorzel commented
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                No, please don't do it!

            • #13
              When is the rankings changing so C1-C2 will exist?


              • #14
                Com2us will never remove vio how else would we pay2play players stomp the f2p people?