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Passive counter attack of "Dark Elven Ranger " and "Dark Joker" BUG.

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  • Passive counter attack of "Dark Elven Ranger " and "Dark Joker" BUG.

    The passive counter attack of "Dark Elven Ranger " and "Dark Joker" cannot apply debuff of 1st skill when they counter attack.
    ie. Dark Elven Ranger cannot apply "slow" by counter attack, and
    Dark Joker cannot apply "Heal block" by counter attack.

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    from the description of the passive and the multipliers it doesnt seem like they r using 1st skill when revenging
    more like its a 'different skill' so they wont land debuffs with it


    • polskiorzel
      polskiorzel commented
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      What? So why Artamiel can strip? Revenge is always S1 unless it's described different (eg. Rakan)

    • Kalionys
      Kalionys commented
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      revenge is s1 unless mentioned otherwise

      while dark joker's skill descriptions is kinda close that of a regular counter - its multiplier (at least the datamined one) doesnt fit counter multiplier (should be 75% of the skill) even rakan's counter using s2 is 75% of the dmg of s2
      the dark elven ranger's skill description is just different (doesnt even have counter mentioned there)

      im pretty sure this is intended but u r welcome to send a ticket to support team if u think its a bug
      either its a bug and they say it will be fixed or its not a bug and they will treat your ticket as a suggestion or something similar