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What should i do to receive proper support? 7th day of hacked account

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  • What should i do to receive proper support? 7th day of hacked account

    Quick story,

    My account was hacked Mon, Oct 28, 3:00 PM UTC +1,
    how it was hacked? someone & somehow got my hive ID+Password, and he changed my email address without my email confirmation.

    I've made Inquiry, and received a response after 4 days (Com2uS​_Vivi​​), they asked to provide dates, recipes, server name, nick, etc but the email they send the response from was "" so I created a brand new case again and copy+paste their previous email response (wired way for company to communicate & followup but ok....) today is the 7th day and still nothing.

    * Yes, I should add the 2nd authentication, but I didn't know it exists until this happened, why I have to go through that pain and frustration, why responses take ages and ofc 1-way communication from no-reply email.

    * Why email change confirmation via email isn't implanted by default? this game exists for ages and the email confirmation method exists even longer.

    * Why Discord, Live chat support, Support Phone number or more 2020 efficient communication methods

    Is there some way to speed things up?

    15 Days case and still going...
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    it can take com2us support team 3-5 business days (or more if there is a holiday) to reply
    if its been 7 days since u sent your ticket im guessing u should get your reply later today - if not... might be a good idea to send a new ticket (though today is a weekend so not completely sure about that)

    1) afaik the moment you verify your email - 2nd authentication should be active
    meaning you cant change account info before receiving an email (and u cant log in from a device that wasnt used before to log into the account)
    how do they still manage to log in........ idk :/

    2) com2us receives A LOT of tickets for various reasons - thats why it takes so long to get a reply.... even if they had a live chat/etc it would be slowed down by that as well.....

    3)....... no there is no way (afaik) to speed things up
    the admins in the forum/reps in discord/other social media channels cant help and can only refer you to support team


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      I believe there is a way to speed things up but it needs People to share their experience. They usually ask you same stuff over and over again through several ticket. You can, instead, send them a ticket full of information required for them to verify you as owner. This may speed things up for you and ease the burden on com2us, i believe


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        They seem to make fun of me... asking me to write email I used to make purchases, it is mentioned at the massage i sent them three times:

        and ofc, again they answering from no-reply email so I should recreate the same case 3rd time in order to reply:
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          using a huge font size isnt helping
          they cant change overnight the way they system work and they wont contact u through other medias.... so when u send them an email like that its no surprising that u will get a generic response

          we have been trying push forward suggestions to change how support team works (getting verification emails for sent tickets/chaining emails for example which is currently only available if you send a ticket through your hive account and not using a guest account)

          but for the time being if you want to get your account back you will need to use the current system (as annoying as it is) with the no-reply emails
          try using screenshots of previous tickets/replies if u r worried they might treat your newest ticket as brand new without previous tickets

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        Nah this guy is 100% right, I got hacked exact same way as him been trying to get my account back for 2 years, only to have insults thrown at me and questions repeated then nothing to be done about it. Com2usStefan does nothing. And no one else will help me and I can’t call them and I can’t even complain about the bad support. So here I am


        • Kalionys
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          Editing a comment
          that sucks
          but there is nothing anyone here can do..... unfortunately we can only direct u back to support team in these kind of cases :/

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        That's the email Ialways use to email them and always get a response within 3 days and I always reply back from the email they send.