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Belladeon won't heal in dimension hole!

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  • Belladeon won't heal in dimension hole!

    I've just run into a problem, my belladeon won't use its 3rd skill in the dimension hole. He just won't heal the party when the fight is on auto. Is anyone else having this issue?

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    not healing at all? even when there is an ally at less than 50%?
    do u have a vid? screenshot?


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      My bella is healing just fine


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        It seems to be ok now, there may just be a very specific circumstance in my case. I had verde, fuco, bella, and chasun and on the 2nd stage lost verde. Bella just wouldnt use mobilize to heal him. (Verde and chasun both had less than 30% hp and empty attack bars) and he got blasted right after bella's turn. Couldn't get a video, one time thing that i wasn't expecting. I was just wondering if it was a problem for others, it did cause my game to loop the battle for nearly 2 hours and say the data could not transfer.
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          Maybe your Bella dislikes Verde/Chasun...