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  • Stolen account

    How do you report someone that atole a friends account? Please help.

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    Hello Terry2795 !! Welcome to the forums.

    I moved your thread to Bugs and Issues. The former sub-forum you posted in is closed off; admins don't read there, and it's supposed to be unused, as the other mods described in a thread there. We'd remove it if we could, but it's probably a vBulletin thing. We're sorry about the confusion

    Anyway, regarding your question, I STRONGLY recommend your friend send a ticket himself, to the customer support team. The link s/he can follow is

    Please note that it may take upwards of 5 business days to get a reply, and please don't send multiple tickets regarding the same issue all at once - it just clogs up the system and floods the people working there

    It's best if the person with the issue follows through with CS because said individual is the only one with adequate proof of ownership, of which there are many details that CS will likely ask about.

    Best of luck to your friend, and again welcome to the forums!!


    • Terry2795
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      Thank you a lot this is perfect. Have a great day.

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      Glad I could help! CS gets a LOT of tickets all the time, and it's a hard process to recover an account for all parties. Keep us informed on our end; if your friend cannot manage to get helped, or the process is taking a longer time (weeks) than expected, notify us in the BugsandIssues section, or by PMing any forum staff. The admins are able to send a message to CustomerService to check the status of the ticket, at the very least.

      That's the extent to what we can help with though. Happy holidays, and best of luck

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    unknown mail registered on my account hence unable to bypass my secondary password/also sending some images as a proof that the mail id i registered was (removed) but now it is show different shown in images please help.raised a ticket but no reply...
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    information provided now lets see how customer serivce team responds to me.... i hope for positive per the comments i think the positive answer wil be getting is about 10 % chance...........hoping for better response as it is the only game i played and had spend lots of time on it.... if i m unable to get my account back then i will just quite it....

    Note : I can access my hive account but unable to do any modification for secondary password due to change of my email address...........


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      My account had hacked on June 9th , I wrote on hive support, provided full information they asked and still they said not enough information?? Please help com2us ... Please hive support is incompetent.