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Rakan's collapse bug(i'm not joking)

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  • Rakan's collapse bug(i'm not joking)

    collapse description talk about COOLDOWN,so the counter should be activated only when the collapse is effectively on cooldown.
    if you try to cast "silence" (poseidon,bering...)effect on him before his first turn,he keep to counter like if the skill is on cooldown.

    if i understood right the game's rules,in my honest opinion,this is wrong.

    silence effect don't modify the skills cooltime,it's just prevent to use 2nd and 3rd skills(a dispeller can support rakan cleaning silence)...silence should be a right tactical way to counter rakan(or kung fu girls...)but it don't work 0.0

    or maybe the description is wrong,but i think it simply don't work as intended.

    for example:
    jamire,mav and frigate can't solve silence status,only a dispeller like konamiya or delphoi can do this,those dispeller can't solve "increase cooltime" effect anyway.

    what's the point to have two different effects if those do exactly the same job???

    so,if the collapse description is right and collapse don't go on cooldown,fix this,cause it work out of the rules:silence effect MUST prevent rakan's counter(if collapse isn't on cooldown,oblivuosly).

    or change description from "counter if on cooldown" to "counter if unusable"...

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    As far as I'm aware silence works the same as increasing cooldowns for the amount of turns shown, only you can cleanse the silence debuff. If silence is putting skills on cooldown then that does unfortunately mean Rakans revenge would be active. It just means you need to be careful when using the silence/increase cooldown skills.


    • Mozzico
      Mozzico commented
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      you are wrong.
      increase cooltime effect modify the cooltime.
      silence effect prevent from using skills WHITOUT modify the cooldown.
      different rules,simply.

      those effects DON'T work at the same way,but just give similar situations

      it's just mean this is a bug,or description is wrong.
      simple logic.

    • Azombiebaby
      Azombiebaby commented
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      Are you able to find out where it says that for the "silence" debuff description? Just wondering.

      As I say I always saw "silence" as a poor version of the "increase cooldown" skills.

      It just seems that if silence does work the way you're describing it then that would be a completely different mechanic in the game I wasn't aware of.

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    If Im right, Silence: Puts skills on cooldown for the number of turns silence is.

    At least, thats how it seems like it works when using it against Rakan/Barb Kings/KungFu Girls.


    • Mozzico
      Mozzico commented
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      silence:make unusable skills with cooldown for the number of the turns silence is.
      you can dispel and so can use the skills again.

      two different effects with exactly the same effect are totally no-sense.

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    Is it enough?
    ingame description about silence rule.
    just a lock,not affect cooltime


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      I agree with you. I've thought that was wrong for a while now.It doesn't make sense- it's a different debuff.


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        This doesn't just apply for rakan... It is the same for all Kfgs and BKs as well. I believe it is intended


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          And they still didn't fix this. So many posts about this bug, so much time - and what they do? The are nerfing Laika instead fix milion-times-reported-bug. Can somenone of administrators push this bug AGAIN to devs?


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            the mechanic of silence works like this since the beginning, it sets the skills on cooldown.
            Why? Probably because c2u programmer were to lazy to build a new mechanic for silence, they just took the cooldown mechanic to block skills. thats it.

            Mozzico, you're right. It is a lock (according to the description), but the description doesn't say how it is programmed & what exactly is happen when you silence someone. Yes, it blocks - but you don't know how the mechanic works, or do you?

            Also, you say:
            "silence effect prevent from using skills WHITOUT modify the cooldown."
            - Tell me, in which description do you find that?

            "Is it enough?
            ingame description about silence rule.
            just a lock,not affect cooltime"
            - tell me, where in the ingame silence description rule is the line "not affect cooltime"?

            We have this for years now and several people before you have complained about it and asked the support and whatever, nothing happened.
            So it is probably working as intended.

            I get your point and yeah it is sad, because this would be the only way to counter rakan (since c2u don't want to make his collapse skill a passive one)

            to sum it up, you're right about the lock in the descriptions. But noone of us knows how this is implemented by com2us, I can only guess that they are using the same mechanic like setting skills on cooldown.


            • polskiorzel
              polskiorzel commented
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              "We have this for years now and several people before you have complained about it and asked the support and whatever, nothing happened.
              So it is probably working as intended."
              No it's not working as intended. I reported this monts ago to support and received info that "Rakan should not collapse on revenge when silenced. We will push this to our dev team to check the problem." And what? Nothing - as You said c2u programmers are to lazy. Maybe when more people report this again, maybe then they will look at this...

            • bishii
              bishii commented
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              I don't know if the support is qualified enough to do such a response.
              Remember, someone asked the support if the proc rates of vio/revenge are higher on defense - support said they're equal to offense, but we all know it better.

              all who complains about the silence mechanic got my full support, but how i said, we do not know how it works in the background - which mechanic they use for blocking skills.

              I also would like to see that silence can counter rakan, because there is still no way to counter that perma immunity-attack power-revenging-provoking sh**.
              Last edited by bishii; 09-04-2017, 03:05 AM.

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            Rakan is easy to counter. Just bring Wind Serpent on despair/revenge, any non-wind defense buffer/healer(water neostone or mihael) and water defensive nuker(tractor). If you don't have water neostone agent or Mihael, you can use Wind Serpent(slow), megan(fast), and colleen/bella/talc(fast).


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              It's the way silence works on this game, there are other posts about it. When you use Zaiross 3rd skill on KFG or Rakan you fear it will die by revenge.


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                ingame description talk about LOCK,where it talk about cooltime?
                i just can imagine about they took an easy way giving to silence the same job of increase cooltime,but since they implemented counter skill mechanics they should fix it.


                just never give up,i bombeb mail them about 2* awakened from d&l(was my third chacha in a row),at beginning they answered around my logic with "a 2nat awaken is technically a 3*"...after 8 mail they understood that is basically not.
                one month after no more 2nat from d&l(and mail support closed XD)

                just keep on,cause we know we are right

                now we have Natalie hoh,it's time to fix silence u.u


                • bishii
                  bishii commented
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                  And again, how does the lock thing works - what is the mechanic behind that? ow, you don't know? so why are you telling other people that they're wrong if you don't know the mechanic behind silence.