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  • Game crashes

    I've spent several hundred dollars on this game and invested a lot of time on it only to have it continue to crash on me losing many in game resources... I hope they fix or reimburse me some how instead of just 100 energy... Please make this right com2us/hive

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    Hello Shaun!

    Our developers are currently looking into the crashing issue. I will update you as soon I get more information!

    We apologize for any inconvenience.


    • ShaunLee5908
      ShaunLee5908 commented
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      Okay thank you... I understand that things like this are gonna happen just wondering if there is anything that can make it make up for it only since I am a pay to play player... I can get proof from my PayPal account of all the money I have already spent to play this game continually if needed...

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    I have spent $350.00 since January on a game that now crashes on me every 30 minutes who do I talk to about getting some kind of reimbursement


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      At least we have a mod stating it's being looked into now....


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        ShaunLee5908 Our customer support team can answer that question more accurately

        Try to send our customer support team a message at and they will give you more info about your question!

        Thank you.