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  • wasting money

    This must be com2us way of taking from the community or is it a bug.

    I wasted money on the summoning stone packs spent now $200.00 usd and got only golems, fairys from them why cant it be guaranteed a nat 5 if you are spending real actual money on this game its a rip off and i want my money back

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    There was only once in the game where the money u spent guarentedd a nat5 - that was the transendence scroll

    when buying any other pack (crystals or stones) u arent guarenteed to get nat5 - otherwise p2w players would get pretty much all nat5 very fast


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      Sorry buddy, its like that. Spending money doesn't guarantee nb5, else there won't be much f2p around


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        Hell Desiderata !

        I'm sorry your summons weren't fruitful. The users above both bring valid points up. Unfortunately, it has been explicitly stated that there is no guarantee for a natural five star, save for the Transcendence Scroll in the very recent past. Spending is a deliberate action that yields no promises, and all of the customers that pay understand that. Simply put, the system is good for revenue which is good for the game life in general, and actually protects the players' interests as well: it maintains a F2P and P2W balance, where paying customers do get a slight advantage, but completely free players are not shut out from progression.

        It's a mutually beneficial business model that has resulted in great success and enjoyment for the players. I personally do not want nat fives to be devalued, nor do I want competition to die off (and subsequently the player base too).

        In sum, it is not a bug, and com2us has not ripped you off; you simply got the short end of the stick. Don't worry though we've all been there, I went a full calendar year without a nat five once, and got several free ones at a time. RNG swings both ways. Best of luck to you in the future!


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          See most new players don't know that the chance of nat5 is 0.005. Because there is no rate% display for different scrolls new players get suckered into spending hundreds of dollars and get nothing. Welcome to the world of gambling.


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            then you see some level 10 in the chat summon a dark chimera and brag about using some swfarmer to cheat the game.. after people spending 1,000's of dollars get nothing.


            • Kalionys
              Kalionys commented
              Editing a comment
              its just spam to scam ppl through the site they publish
              just report him and he will get banned

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            just seems to me thats extra fair , right