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[Update] v1.4.2 Update Notice

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  • [Update] v1.4.2 Update Notice

    v1.4.2 Update Notice

    Greetings from Com2uS!
    Summoners War has been updated to v1.4.2!
    Please read below for more info on the update.

    * All of the updates will be implemented to the game through the Auto Update and server maintenance. (Android/iOS)


    ▶ Monster Skill Balancing
    - Chimera's skill has been balanced with this patch. Please refer to the detailed notice for more info on Chimera's skill balancing.
    - The error with Dark Imp's Massacre (Passive) will be fixed with the next update.
    - [Detailed Notice]

    ▶ Some stages in the Scenario Mode and Trial of Ascension have been downgraded to keep the difficulty balanced after the skills balance modifications.

    ▶ 3 ~ 5★ Rune Modifications
    - Some of the main properties of Runes will increase for Power-ups.

    - Please read below for the changes of value

    - Runes in possession will be balanced during server maintenance if the Power-up Level is +12 or above. Runes with Power-up Level +11 or below will get balanced properties when you successfully Power-up 1 time.
    - Please note that implementing the changes on all of the Runes at the same time couldn't be done due to the large number of Runes. Thank you for your understanding!

    ▶ You need to wait 30 minutes now to reset the game data again.


  • #2
    Very Nice Update LOVE IT


    • #3
      For those who sell out their 5☆ star rune, like me, im regretting it, my rune storage was full, i was 2 choice, put on a monster to stock it, but i choose to sell (i was thinking i might get a 6☆ afterwards)


      • #4
        Very good update now is 5* runes a lot better and not only 3%. I love it


        • #5
          So boring ....

          I just spent 200k mana to improve a 4* speed rune to lvl 10 in order to have the new changes, AND ALL MY ATTEMPTS FAILED

          That's something i wouldn't have done if the changes would have been implemented

          THX for wasting my mana com2us


          • ChrnoGun
            ChrnoGun commented
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            That's only yourself to blame for your stupidity. It's like saying, let me just unsummon my 6* monsters and blame it on Com2Us...

          • ChadRoxx
            ChadRoxx commented
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            Wow you act like you have never powered up runes before. Welcome to the big leagues bro

        • #6
          So you have increased the damage and HP% on runes and also increased the damage on all the monsters? does this mean you do more damage and take more damage? You did not explain what the increase ammount was before to what it is now to help people focus on all the heavily runed monsters where the critical changes have happened. Please include original ammounts aswel so I can check again which monsters are worth the bother. Nice update tho! ps.. ToA is still to hard unless your a end game player... You should make it a lv30 unlockable scenario


          • #7
            30 min cooldown for reseting! +1


            • #8
              Has anyone else noticed the Water DK AI is still messed up? He keeps using skill Decline when my monsters hp are all 60%++... I was so hopeful he was fixed 8(


              • #9
                No new fusion recipes :/


                • #10
                  Power-up runes is harder now to success? or just me :/


                  • Yoonser
                    Yoonser commented
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                    i just spent 400k mana just to get a rune from +12 to +13 .. and its still +12

                  • irshad14
                    irshad14 commented
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                    @Yoonser.. Once i spent 500k mana using power up stones on a 6* +14 rune but failed all the time..
                    And some days ago i used 25 power stones to level up 4 6* +12 runes to +15
                    Sometimes it's all about luck

                  • ii3DGii
                    ii3DGii commented
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                    yesterday i tried 1 time on my 6* +14 rune to power it up, and it raised to +15....jk it failed lol

                • #11
                  Hmm.. I feel bad for Velajuel now. Water Death Knight's skill Decline is better than Velajuel's 3rd skill considering he's a 5* plus his AI sucks because of the recent update. Overall, great job on the updates in the game.


                  • ChadRoxx
                    ChadRoxx commented
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                    Fire archangels third skill provides immunity for 3 turns and also increases the attack bar of ally units

                  • Weazy
                    Weazy commented
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                    Yes I know that but I'm just saying that the invicibility is better than increase attack gauge in my opinion. Yes on the part of 3 turns vs 2 turns. Overall, I just thought that Fedora's skill is better than Vela but it's debatable.

                  • jepnahid
                    jepnahid commented
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                    I guess, Villajuel's buff is better than Fedora's because of 3 turns immunity, and, prevent from death buff of Fedora is somewhat less useful.