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[Notice] v5.1.4 Update Notice

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  • Com2us_MOtion
    started a topic [Notice] v5.1.4 Update Notice

    [Notice] v5.1.4 Update Notice

    v5.1.4 Update Notice (Android/iOS)

    Hi, it's Com2uS!

    Summoners War v5.1.4 has been updated. Please check below for details!

    * The actual update will be applied through an auto update during the maintenance. (Android/iOS)

    * Details can be checked through the maintenance notice.


    v5.1.4 Update Details


    ▶ 5 New Monster Transmogrifications

    - [Fantasy Wings Unicorn/ Metal Armor Anubis/ Judge of Fate Horus/ Forbidden Magician Phantom Thief/ Secret Agent Neostone Fighter]

    ▶ [Homunculus] Skill Balancing Modification and Improvement

    ▶ Free [Homunculus] Skill Reset Event

    - After the v5.1.4 update - Nov. 16th 12am (server time)

    - No cost will be required to reset the Homunculus skills during the event period.

    - How to reset Homunculus skills: Go to [Craft Building > Homunculus > Skill Evolution > Reset Skill]

    ▶ New Guild [Detailed Info] Menu

    - You can check the detailed information of the guild via [Guild Info] menu located at the top of user profile screen or the guild search within the [Guild] menu.

    - In the Detailed Info menu, you can check the guild's creation date/ last month's average guild activity points/ best grades of guild battle, siege battle, labyrinth clear/ guild joining condition/ guild achievement status/ guild skills.

    * The best grade of siege battle will display the guild grade you achieved in the siege battle that was held right before the v5.1.4 update. The higher grade you achieve in future siege battles will be reflected when they're achieved.

    ▶ [World Arena] Hall of Fame: SWC 2019 World Finals Winner

    : The final winner L'EST from China server has entered the Hall of Fame!

    ▶ Friend Invitation Method Renewal (Community > Friend Tab > Invite Friend Menu)

    - The previous friend invite via Facebook and HIVE has been changed. You can now get the URL link and share it to your friend.

    - If the invited friend uses the received URL link to download and run the game, your friend invite count will be increased. In addition, the invited friend will automatically send a friend request to the user that invited them to the game.

    ▶ [Energy Recharge] UI Improvement

    - The UI has been improved so the bonus Energy (+10) amount is displayed together with the base amount (+90) when you charge the Energy at the Shop while the [Daily Pack Ⅰ] is active.

    * While the [Daily Pack Ⅰ - Energy MAX Storage +10] effect is applied, you will get +100 Energy when you recharge the Energy.

    ▶ Bug Fixes

    - Fixed an issue of the [Challenge > Achievement] Perfect Attendance Award (check-in) mission being checked multiple times for some new/ returning users.​

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    Hi, could you send a link to a readable HTML page?

    The format of the image itself is unreadable on default western picture readers.


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