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v4.2.4 Update Notice

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  • v4.2.4 Update Notice

    v4.2.4 Update Notice

    Hi, it's Com2uS!

    Summoners War v4.2.4 has been updated. Please check below for details!

    * The actual update will be applied through an auto update during the maintenance. (Android/iOS)

    * Details can be checked through the maintenance notice.


    v4.2.4 Update Details


    ▶ 5 New Transmogrifications

    - [Steel Guardian Paladin / Fairy Land Master Fairy King / Little Pirate Kobold Bomber / Cherry Waffle Jack-o'-lantern / Kitty Girl Martial Cat]

    ▶ [Ancient Magic Shop] New items have been added.

    ▶ Starter Packs have been renewed as follows.

    * The package renewal will be applied to the Starter Packs the users purchase after the v4.2.4 update patch. If you purchased the packs before the update, the log-in rewards will be given as the previous version.

    : With the renewal, Summoners who've already purchased the packs before can make a purchase again.

    ▶ New User Exclusive Attendance Gift

    - New users will receive New User Exclusive Gift instead of the normal monthly attendance reward.

    * This will be applied to the game after the v4.2.4 update patch is released on global server. (After Mar. 14th 1:30am PDT)

    ▶ Returning User Exclusive Attendance Gift Renewal

    - Users who haven't logged in to the game for 30 days or more will now be considered as dormant users, instead of 15 days or more.

    - Returning users will receive Returning User Exclusive Gift instead of the normal monthly attendance reward.

    * The users who have been claiming previous returning user check-in rewards will receive the previous check-in rewards for the remaining period.

    * This will be applied to the game after the v4.2.4 update patch is released on global server. (After Mar. 14th 1:30am PDT)

    ▶ [World Arena] Season reward ranking chart display for the top 4 Summoners has been modified.

    ▶ [Siege Battle] The amount of guild points given as rewards is now correctly displayed in % at the reward information menu.

    ▶ [Android] Fixed graphic errors that occurred on some devices.

    ▶ [Android] The minimum system requirement has been changed from 4.0.3 and up to 4.1.0 and up.

    - [More Info]

    ▶ A gift for Summoners who updated the game to v4.2.4!

    - Gift: 1 Mystical Scroll

    - Please make sure to collect the item during Mar. 14th 2am - Mar. 15th 2am PDT.

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    Originally posted by Com2uS_Evan View Post
    whats that rune pic with 6h/12h? better power up chances?

    edit: nvm after talking with my guildies i realized its frr icon :X
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      This just makes me want to quit the game every other month.

      - Play the game every day? ... get 4 immemorial from tartarus over 2 months
      - Quit the game every other month? .... get 11 immemorials from logins and 2 immemorials from tartarus over 2 months

      Thanks for the incentive Com2uS!


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        So I guess no LD scroll in February. and no more Legendary scroll pieces.


        • Midgetmetal
          Midgetmetal commented
          Editing a comment
          no, its 30 days after coming back. Probably not related to the exact date as such. But I wonder if a return in the middle of a month will replace the monthy rewards of this month, as well as hindering me of completing the next month's rotation? In that case, your assumption would be partly true, as I might lose the next month's l/d.

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        beginner only update? really? this game is not evolving it getting worse with any update IMO. First siege killed, now this :/ Can the game please evolve? Give us a way in REAL grinding key nat 5s, give us shards for every summon done, so we can summon the monster we need at least at one point guaranteed. Increase the rune drop rates so we actually can use the monsters. Make the game e-sports ready :/
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