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[Notice] v4.1.1 Update Notice

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  • [Notice] v4.1.1 Update Notice

    v4.1.1 Update Notice

    Hi, it's Com2uS!

    Summoners War v4.1.1 has been updated. Please check below for details!

    * The actual update will be applied through an auto update during the maintenance. (Android/iOS)

    * Details can be checked through the maintenance notice.


    v4.1.1 Update Details


    ▶ Battle against users from all over the world in real time! [World Arena] Season 7 will begin.

    - The World Arena Season 7 will begin on Oct. 15th 12:00am PDT in all servers.

    - A list of rewards is as below:​

    ※ You can't transmogrify [Flame Ruler Phoenix] with Shapeshifting Stones.

    ▶[Tartarus' Labyrinth] Improvements

    - Labyrinth related loading tips have been added.

    - Improved the readability of the free Energy stage effect that opens after Tartarus is defeated.

    - All stages will now maintain the difficulty level that you successfully attacked on that stage.

    - Mana Stones and EXP will no longer be given when you fail to successfully attack the stages.

    ▶[Tartarus' Labyrinth] Bug Fixes

    - [Hard/Hell] Guardians of Labyrinth (Leos/Kotos/Guilles)

    : Fixed the issue of the [Guardian of Labyrinth (Passive)] being activated once more when the boss' HP decreases by 50% or more with a single attack

    - Modified the text description that says you can get the Immemorial item when you successfully attack Tartarus for the first time being out of the text box for some languages

    - Fixed the issue of the remaining time and rank display change not functioning properly when Tartarus is defeated

    - Fixed the issue of the Summoning Stone image missing from the (Tartarus' Labyrinth final clear reward) [Immemorial Heritage] info

    ▶ The flow of the additional download that occurs after the initial installation of Summoners War has been improved.

    - The game will start immediately after downloading the minimum amount of additional data. Rest of the content will be downloaded as you start the tutorial.

    ▶ 14 days of special bonus for new Summoners! [Goddess Ameria's Blessing] has been added.

    - New Summoners created after the v4.1.1 update patch release will be having the following benefits for 14 days.

    1) Daily 50 Energy Gift - The item will be sent to the Inbox when you login to the game for the first time every day.

    2) EXP/Mana Acquisition 100% Up - The amount of Monster EXP/Mana acquired from battles will be increased by 100%. * Cannot be used with EXP Boosters/other event effects at the same time.

    3) Free Rune Removal - You will be able to unequip Runes for FREE.

    4) Make a Wish +1 - You can make a wish for 1 additional time every day. You can purchase the Temple of Wishes at [Shop> Building] Menu.

    ▶ Chat notification improvements

    ▶ Summoners of Lv. 15 - 30 can now check the Daily Pack Ⅰ& Ⅱ at any time from the Icon displayed on the left side of the village screen.

    ▶ Bug Fixes

    - (Water) Druid [Druid's Wit (Passive)]

    - Fixed the issue of the passive effect activating with the last hit only when attacked with the multiple hitting attacks.

    - Fixed the issue of the monster sorting interface being displayed in one line when you engrave runes at the battle ending screen.​

    - [Profile - Glorious Arena Background]

    : Fixed the issue of Ellia (NPC) not being displayed under certain situations

    : Fixed the issue of the game crashing when you tap on the area where Ellia (NPC) should have been displayed.

    : Fixed the issue of the direction and size of Ellia's ride displayed awkwardly.​