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[Notice] v4.0.8 Update Notice

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  • [Notice] v4.0.8 Update Notice

    Hi, it's Com2uS!

    Summoners War v4.0.8 has been updated.
    Please check below for details!

    * The actual update will be applied through an auto update during the maintenance. (Android/iOS)

    * Details can be checked through the maintenance notice.

    v4.0.8 Update Details

    ▶ 5 New Transmogrifications
    - [Decadent Shine Archangel/ Guardian of Starlight Unicorn/ Card Master Joker/ Cursed Soul Lich/ Ascension to Heaven Drunken Master]

    ▶ Tartarus' Labyrinth Balancing Modification
    - New Easy difficulty level, a level that's easier than Normal level, has been added.

    If you are one of Summoners who were having a tough time clearing stages in Normal level, we strongly recommend you to try out the Easy level!

    - The Guardians of Labyrinth (Leos/ Kotos/ Guilles) battle balancing modification has been made.

    : [Hard] The condition of the boss gaining a turn with [Immemorial Time (Passive)] skill has been eased.

    : [Normal] The skill activation condition of [Guardian of Labyrinth (Passive)] has been modified. (Activates when HP decreases by 25% → 35%)

    : [Normal] Immemorial Magic Power rune types have been modified.

    Leos: Despair/ Focus/ Rage/ Will → Despair/ Will

    Kotos: Violent/ Revenge/ Rage/ Will → Violent/ Will

    Guilles: Destroy/ Shield/ Rage/ Will → Destroy/ Will

    * [Normal] Due to the balancing modification, the boss battle order of Guardians of Labyrinth (Leos/ Kotos/ Guilles) has been reset to the default set. Please set up your boss battle order once again.

    - The Ruler of Labyrinth (Tartarus) battle balancing modification has been made.

    : [Hard] The condition of the boss gaining a turn with [Immemorial Time (Passive)] skill has been eased.

    : [Normal] Immemorial Magic Power rune types have been modified.

    Tartarus: Violent/ Despair/ Destroy/ Rage → Violent/ Despair/ Destroy

    : [Normal] [Big Collapse] skill has been modified. (Attacks the enemies randomly 3 times → 2 times and the attacked enemies will be guaranteed to have low HP.)

    ▶ [Tartarus' Labyrinth] UI Improvement
    - The HP bar UI of the Guardians of Labyrinth (Leos/ Kotos/ Guilles) has been improved.

    : The HP bar will be distinguished which will allow users to acknowledge when the [Guardian of Labyrinth (Passive) - attacks whenever HP decreases by certain amount] is activated. (Easy: 50% HP/ Normal: 35% HP/ Hard & Hell: 25% HP)

    ▶ The amount of Mana Stones you get from selling runes has been increased. ([Rage/ Violent/ Despair] runes excluded)
    * This modification will be applied to the game after the v4.0.8 update patch.

    ▶ Rune Package Improvement
    - [Shop > Package] The star grade of Rune has been modified in the Rune Pack Ⅰ/ Ⅱ/ Ⅲ and Limited Item! Rune Package.

    (Before) 5~6★ Runes (rare grade or up) → (After) 6★ Runes (rare grade or up)

    * This modification will be applied to the game after the v4.0.8 update patch.

    ▶ The amount EXP you acquire from the [Dimensional Rift] battle has been increased greatly.

    ▶ If you have a Monster that reached its Max level in the battle result screen, the [Prepare] Menu Button will be displayed instead of [Retry] Menu Button.

    ▶ [Tutorial] If you type a Summoner name that already exists, other available Summoner names will be recommended.

    ▶ You will now be able to check your Profile Info screen when you tap your Summoner name in the chat. (You won't be able to modify the Monster placement and background via this route. You can manage your Profile by going to the Summoner's Tower > Profile.)

    ▶Monster Bug Fixes
    - (Fire) Barbaric King [Summary Conviction]: Fixed the issue of the skill not inflicting proper amount of damage under certain situations. The skill error has been resolved and the skill has been changed back to the modified version.

    - (Fire) Dryad: Fixed the issue of the Awakening effect not being applied properly.

    - (Fire) Ninja [Narrow Escape (Passive)]: Fixed the issue of the passive skill not being activated when you get attacked with skills that ignore the damage reduction effects under Invincible status.

    ▶Bug Fixes
    - [Tartarus' Labyrinth] Fixed the issue of the attack mark not being removed when your guild successfully cleared the stage with the attack mark.

    - Fixed the issue of the incorrect skill icon info being displayed when the Arcane Tower is attacking in Replay.

    - Fixed the issue of the push notification that notifies when the Monster has leveled up not being applied properly in the EXP Building when the EXP Building Booster is in use.​

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    Does the 5 Lanterns come in another update? Or I am missing something here?


    • BigDaddyToe
      BigDaddyToe commented
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      from last Notice..

      "Now, many of you are probably wondering how these points will be implemented to the game. First, we'll be improving the labyrinth via two updates. The balancing modification will be carried out via v4.0.8 update, and the overall flow of labyrinth will be improved via v4.0.9 update (planned to be released on late September)"

      so i guess we are waiting for v4.0.9 update

    • ___
      ___ commented
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      Ty! I missed that apparently. :P

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    Making labyrinth easier is nice and all, but how about this:

    Fix those damn Violent runes

    They make fights too luck dependant, not fun, infuriating. Losing a fight does lot leave the player feeling "If I had better monsters and runes I would have won", instead they leave them feeling "If I had better luck I would have won". While winning a fight due to lucky procs leaves them feeling durty, They did not won because their team is better they won because their luck was better. Not to mention the vast majority of monsters are regularly build with Violent runes because that's just the far superior option in most cases.


    • *Chow*
      *Chow* commented
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      yea kinda like everytime i lose a fight i go "man if only my luck was better! that way id have better runes and better nat 5s!" so i say we remove all runes and all nat 4s and 5s and all good nat 3s just so i dont feel "i wouldve won if i had better luck"

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    Why do Violent runes even exist in the first place?

    To add uncertainty to a battle?
    There is planty of uncertainty already, will an attack land as a critical or will an attack apply it's added effects, this has a great influence over the battle already, however the player knows what to expect and when to expect it. Violent runes add too much uncertainty meaning at any point all efforts by either side in the current battle can be undone without a warning.

    To make battles more fun or interesting?
    It has the exact opposite effect. When the enemy gets a vio proc the player feels frustrated. When the player gets a vio proc they feel they should have gotten more. On very rare occasions there will be a battle where the player will feel satisfied after winning a battle with the help of Violent procs.


    • *Chow*
      *Chow* commented
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      can you show me where your phd of psychology is? because so far all these "players feel" is full of bs...

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    Some options to consider:

    Completely remove violent runes from the game (However I doubt that will ever happen);

    Implement the Real Time Arena changes globally. Being allowed only one proc per turn is a huge difference. This should make guild war and siege a lot less luck dependant. Another change to consider is preventing Violent runes from procing for multiple turns in a row. That way we can avoid situations like the Unicorns entering a loop of using skill-procing-transforming-using skill-procing-transforming-using skill-etc. or situations like Verad continuously having one of his freeze skills off cooldown or Situations like Chasun using Fallen Blossoms every other turn.

    This isn't simply my observation, this is what most players I've interacted with for four years agree on. Violent runes are a problem that needs to be addressed if the game is to last for many years to come.



    • *Chow*
      *Chow* commented
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      "Implement the Real Time Arena changes globally. " I LOVE THIS IDEA!!! YES OMG PLEASE YES!!! implement it so that every fight is not rta! and vio is limited to 1 proc! make it more fair for me to defend my arena/guild vs having people abuse the dumb ai to their adventage and then cries like babies when they lose due to an extra proc or 2.

    • IBltchAboutVioRunes
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      I agree the AI is retarded, but abusing violent procs is not a good solution. Improving the AI will be beneficial everywhere. Not having to watch Lushen use his third skill on a single monster with 10% hp left on the second to last wave will be a bliss.

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    Worse then violent runes are 'pay to win' aspects. Trying to achieve fairness or balance in this game is a pathetic ideal. lol


    • IBltchAboutVioRunes
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      Pay to win will always be present in a free online mobile game of this size the only difference is to what degree. Considering you can't straight up buy the monster you want or the rune you want and you can't buy content unobtainable by other means Summoner's War isn't doing too bad regarding P2W.