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Line Group for Soul Seeker!

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  • Line Group for Soul Seeker!

    Hello everyone!

    I just made a group (asked by some of my subscribers) that could let Soul Seeker players from all servers talk to each other.

    This group can be used to ask for help or just chat about what is happening in the game or to tell players about bug or notices.

    As I said EVERYONE that plays Soul Seeker can join. Just be respectful to all the members.If you do not follow this rule, you will get kicked out of the group.
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    How many line groups are there now?


    • Oxter
      Oxter commented
      Editing a comment the moment this one, since I've never seen other Soul Seeker groups on line. If there is another let me know.

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    I was in 3 at one point not counting the guild line group. I gave up on all of them tho.


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      I cant seem to make it work lol


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        DefinitelyNotOrianna can I ask some unrelated question? where did Guild Winterfell go?
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        • claudzie
          claudzie commented
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          nvm, i forgot Winterfell is in Global server lol

        • DefinitelyNotOrianna
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          Yeh we are on helcadiz global xD