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    Because of my stupidness, I lost my account. IGN: VnKSekai, server Asia. Maybe some of you met me in arena.
    A robber hacked may account, change mail and password but he don't know I still can log in my acc by email that I used for regist.
    I sent mail to Com2us but I didn't receive reply mail. I don't want all my effort were robbed, so I sell everything in my acc.
    Today, I returned to log in my acc and I realised that robber sent mail to com2us to restore all so I was angry when he said my account is his account.
    I sent a mail to com2us to ask delete my account. Will com2us agree to delete my account? I can endure the loss of my acc but I can't see it being played by a bandit.
    So what should I do? T^T Please give me some advice.
    My English is not good but I hope everyone can understand my situation.

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    Hello Sekai,

    The best thing to do when you feel as though someone is trying to get in your account is to let our support team know about this at

    Let them know your in game name, your server, and everything you know that can help them find out who is doing it. Having screenshots help a lot. Also receipts of purchases and other things that can prove that it is your account.

    Thank you for playing Soul Seeker!