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[Info] Yuno's Secret Guide for Soul Seeker Beginners

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  • [Info] Yuno's Secret Guide for Soul Seeker Beginners

    Greetings Soul Seekers!

    Yuno has prepared a secret guide for the beginners of Soul Seeker!

    Please read below for more info!

    ​ Not sure how to go about Soul Seeker?

    Check out the [Growth Guide] of Heroes/Equipment/Pets!

    You can check all the guides including equipping, powering up, transcending and awakening items to become stronger!

    * Tap the tab on the right side of the Main Lobby> Growth Guide> Check the guide for Heroes/Equipment/Pets.

    ▼​ ​Regina's Order! Check out the guide quest!

    We've prepared Refina's orders to help you get stronger!

    Follow Refina's orders and complete the guide quests, earn various completion rewards, including the [Awakened Legend Hero Selective Draw Ticket]!

    * Tap the [Refina's Order] Icon on the lower left side of the Main Lobby.

    ▼​ ​​Check out daily events!

    Enjoy a variety of events every day such as the combination rate increase event and daily login reward event!

    * Tap the [EVENT] Icon on the upper left of the Main Lobby to check various events!

    [Check Daily Events]

    ▼​ ​​​Check out the rewards available every day!

    - Roll the [Lucky Dice] every 4 hours to get rewards!

    - Send your Heroes to be [Hermes Explorers] and collect various rewards!

    Set off your Heroes on a journey to get Exploration Rewards!

    - The [Goblin Merchant] changes every day! Check out various items available at a special price!

    If you have any questions or require any further assistance regarding the game, please feel free to contact our Customer Support by visiting or go to [Settings> Account> 1:1 Inquiry].

    Thank you!