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Awakening Tips for newer players.

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  • Awakening Tips for newer players.

    What's up everybody, Chevaliers here. Hopefully you're having a great, or at least decent day.
    On wards!

    Try and save a good amount of those starter gems, you can start doing the special dungeons pretty early on, especially the first 2 of each set, the addition of a few awakened friends can help you immensely with this task. The first gem refresh for each dungeon is only 60 gems. I'd recommend doing the refresh at least once for each dungeon that you can do, and always push towards the next dungeon, practice makes perfect, and you can still make mistakes even when you get better and more powerful heroes. When you're able to do all three dungeons with one refresh each, that's 12 awakening mats a day, not including the freebies you get for 3 completions in each dungeon set. It's cumulative, every time you do three tries in a dungeon, you receive a designated mat for free. You may be discouraged upon for first entry, but make this your goal, you're going to want to have as many awakening opportunities as you possibility can to make yourself more competitive and further progression in devils tower/arena. And hey, the awakened heroes look.. well badass. And as we all know, things that are more ascetically pleasing.. are more powerful right? I mean, just look at saint warrior holy.. : P
    I would recommend upgrading three different material types for your first three awakenings to + 10, instead of for example; 3 characters that took the same materials to awaken. As going for characters with different material requirements will further your progression much faster. You can find the material types for awakened heroes by checking your hero after it's at +10, googling it, checking the soul seeker wiki,finding it somewhere on these forums(probably), or in any of the more populated chats in game, 1 through 3 are generally good options.
    I would strongly suggest trying to awaken a melee lead first, whether it be a good dps, or a healer. From my personal experience interacting with other players, it's usually a melee lead, healer, then a good support for the first three awakens. The worst thing you can do is think negatively about how long it's going to take, if you do your dungeons daily you'll be there before you know it.

    If you'd like to hear me ramble more about this subject, here's a link to my newest video

    Here are a few random honorable mentions. Please do not upgrade your hero researcher mins, they're used to further upgrade your other heroes to +8-10. They're quite costly(apox 270 rubies each), and not given away that often. Do not spam the item draw, pretty soon you'll have more six star items then you'll know what to do with. Don't disassemble your newest hero if it wasn't exactly what you were hoping for. It's costly to do so, and it may still be useful, particularly in dimensional gate where a wide variety of heroes are required to complete the stages.
    Please feel free to comment on the validity of this information as well as adding any additional helpful info. And most importantly, have fun and happy seeking.

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    Really nice post n video chev.

    2 months for an awaken and 1/3 of the way on the other 2 is impressive huh!

    Dont upgrade min is the #1 tip for noobs

    p.s Rania is also a mean special dungeon boss
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      silly question: is there any guide,technique, or something to get the material you would like to get? hehehe i always find it hard to get the last remaining mats of my hero to awaken.. usually i always get the first free mat and the last mat of each stage.. but when i let the game choose by itself it gets me my wanted mat.hehehe

      p.s. nice guide


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        Socialization is one of the best aspects kem0 : ). Thanks Ori, and yes, that is the 1# tip : P. I don't believe so gengav, it should be based solely on RnG, But i mean, everyone has a method to madness. And thanks : )


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          copy that chev. heheh good luck to all...


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            got a bit confused watching that lol but good vid. the beginners guide was really helpful as well, did you get around to uploading the 2nd half?


            Also I just want to say, a 2 second comment by you saved me hours of forum scraping. you off-handedly mentioned the growth guide ingame that newer players don't seem to know is there. I didn't! seriously I was trawling through the forums trying to find all those answers since the GUI is so cluttered with stuff I just hadn't noticed it XD
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              Yeah there is a 2nd half, for some reason it doesn't appear after the first video, part of that recording did it get messed up a bit though. Feels like it was so long ago since that video lol, here's the link though . Heh yeah it can be easy to miss at times. Glad you found some of the info helpful though : )


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                I just found you can also check what materials your heroes need to awaken by going into

                Heroes>Team Buff list>Awaken Relations> press (?) on an element > Hero Info = displays a list of awakened heroes that use that color
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                  Nice one, didn't know that one was there, good for getting a view of a bigger selection rather then going to a specific hero and looking for what type they are individually.


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                    Thank you!


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                      Just looking silent hero cuz this hero always have bugged and usefull.


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                        just spam gems on the dungeon having 4th stones. they are the one usually took time to get.


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                          I think priorities have changed with transcendence.

                          instead of using gems for refresh, I think just about everything should be spend on combining/obtaining heroes since in the long term, its more efficient to level things to 40 first before using same heroes on upgrades, and if upgrading is capped on Min's then you'll have no issues getting the awaken materials before you get 3 mins


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                            I don't know if anyone have done this before. But I tried to do some calculations on the possible fastest time and least costs it will take to complete the awakening materials depending on the number of entrances and assuming that the maximum number of materials are always rewarded per entry.
                            This is all assuming:
                            1. that it is done everyday,
                            2. that only the Stage 1 of the dungeon is used,
                            3. that there are no excess materials from doing the entries,(planning ahead your entries depending on the rewards you get; if you only need 1 of a material to complete its set then get it from the bonus chest instead of the stage.)
                            4. and that you always get the maximum possible number of materials obtained per entry which is 2 at Stage 1.

                            This calculation takes into account the bonus material from chest after every 3 entries.

                            Can anyone check this if it's correct? Thanks :-/

                            EDIT: Sorry if there are no units to the numbers.
                            I'll go over some of them:
                            In the first equation
                            - 14 is the total number of runes for doing 7 entrances not including the bonus chest for every 3 entries.
                            - divided by 2 to get the number of total entries. Then divided by 3 to get the total number of materials from bonus chest.
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                            • erggrerg
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                              You simply do not assume Stage 1. New users can probably do stage 3 after a few days, maybe even stage 4 if a strong friend helped. Anyway, your calculations are probably accurate because I believe we get 2 mats for stage 3.

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                              I kept doing Stage 1 without realizing I could do Stage 3 already, there goes wasted time and gems. T_T
                              If we're going Stage 3 where minimum runes obtained is 2 per run, then this can be used as a minimum time table instead.

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                            So it is like buying an Awakened hero with gems...just longer.