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Spreadsheet for Set Items

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  • Spreadsheet for Set Items

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    can you help me which items are best suited for



    • DefinitelyNotOrianna
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      depends how quickly you are gunna awaken.

      either way you wanna try and farm fl 7 and then later when you can, fl 10 cus you get more ruby/gem shards from later levels.

      I still cant beat fl 11 on auto and i have a pretty solid team but no awakens.

    • wwvevww
      wwvevww commented
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      i dont have good heores and can only farm until 4 lol

    • DefinitelyNotOrianna
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      lol everything takes time in soul seeker.

      i'm obviously talking about in a few months time after you have gathered more heroes for your dimension gates.
      Work your way up higher and higher and you will get more gem/ruby shards

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    is there an updated version of this?


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      its upto date i'm pretty sure?

      what would I need to add?


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        are these set items the one u craft or are they the ones u get from the dimension gate?


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          u cant craft any "set items" (i.e. S, either non awaken or awaken)


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            thanks helped a lot!

            On progression, do you normally use set items while progressing through hell then replace with the awakened crafted gear when you start doing Sky island?


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              I wouldnt put too much effort into farming set items now

              Just farm this gate for shards and save your gold.

              In the long run you won't be using these items so spend your gold on something else and wait to awaken.
              Then buy awa items.


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                ah ok, are the awakened items from distorted dungeon better than the top tier crafted gear and set gear, or just set gear? I couldn't see the stats on them so wasn't sure where they fit on the progression scale


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                  you can go to the hero book and click item tab at the bottom.

                  The way it works is:

                  Scenario gear < 6* Set items < awaken items < awaken set items.

                  awaken items are 9/10 awful if you craft so the best way to get them is the ruby draw in distorted dungeons shop.


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                    This might be a dumb question, but it only occurred to me just now. the "awakened" crafted items you can make with material from sky island, can only awakened heroes equip them like the distorted rift shop? or can anyone equip them.

                    Also do the awaken set items (are those the crafted ones?) have set bonuses as well?


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                      yes any awakened item are 7* only.

                      The crafted items are really really reallllllllllly bad ive made 5/6 lowest stats possible so a massive waste of gold basically.

                      The set items do give bonuses and you can check them out in the item book thats found bottom right in hero book


                      • Asmosis
                        Asmosis commented
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                        ah that's disappointing. I understand some of the RNG things being weighted heavily to the low end (like summoning tickets), but it seems like *everything* RNG based is heavily weighted to the low end including the limited time events (100 turn-ins and no hatzling? )