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Spreadsheet for all 6*s @ +10

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  • Spreadsheet for all 6*s @ +10

    Last updated: 26th November (Sylvia)

    **read comments
    for instructions on how to make your own copy on Google sheets.**
    **High recommended as the sort by column feature bugs the spread out if you are not owner of the document**

    Some things:
    All heroes are level 30.
    All stats are without the 30% event buff.

    All stats are without items or runes equipped.

    No guild buff, trait buff or team buff factored in.

    Set up for 75% zoom in chrome so you may need to adjust your zoom a little.

    Green = Top tier (top 10th-15th),
    Yellow = Average,
    Red = Below Average. (Bottom 10th-15th)
    Right click a column letter (G,H,I,S,T or U) and sort by Z->A to find the top tier for that category.
    i.e right click column S and sort Z->A. All the highest attack to leader heroes will be sorted to the top.
    Heroes with green stats in columns 'G, H and I' will generally do well as lead/in arena,
    while Heroes with green stats in columns S, T and U make for great supports.
    I update 1-2 days after new heroes are added at the latest but hopefully on the day of the update.

    A few more things:
    You have to take the colour tiering system with a pinch of salt!

    Some example problems.
    1.Dandy rab gives 1.8k ATK to leader and fury gives 1.1k, yet they are both yellow.
    2.Warlord Shana/Song having 219 DEF making them green while Fury is Yellow @ 217 DEF.

    I used to have level 30 and + 7 stats in the excel aswell but every hero that was high tier @ lvl 30 was also high tier @ +7 and +10 so
    this just allows the excel to be a bit more compressed while also showing the Max power of all the heroes.

    Any tips or questions are welcome.
    If you spot any mistakes then let me know, even if its just 1 or 2 off.
    I work out the stats while the heroes are buffed so sometimes they seem to round up and sometimes they don't!

    Thanks for reading and enjoy.
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    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED (sheet is buggy in view only mode)
    -If you have a Gmail account, you can click "File > Make a copy" and then use google sheets to colour your own six's in a different colour and other fun stuff like that.

    Be aware you will need to load the file here and copy the new heroes into your spreadsheet when I update with new character release.


    • stanel
      stanel commented
      Editing a comment
      I do also have a spreadsheet of 6* and 7* heroes and other details similar to what you have on your file. I will be waiting for your duration column to be finished and if you permit me to include those into my file D

    • DefinitelyNotOrianna
      Editing a comment
      Sure thing stanel

      Thats been a long work in progress so im sorry about that xD

    • stanel
      stanel commented
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      Thanks Ori

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    thanks a lot


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      Hi here is this file still updated ?


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        Nah its not sadly.

        Im leader of my guild now and less free time than before so will do it but not for a while.

        I think most people need awaken stats more now so im gunna be updating that one when I do


        • Braaf2
          Braaf2 commented
          Editing a comment
          Thnx Orianna, Edited a spreadsheet i found on the Net.
          Added a sheet with Awakened stats. Dont know if you started editing your spreadsheet already but maybe saves you some work ​​​​​​​Wink


        • DefinitelyNotOrianna
          Editing a comment
          haha ty braaf that looks like one of my old ones xD

          In the race column i named one of each so thats how you can tell ^^

          My friend kiltak is making a full lvl 40 awaken sheet which includes costumes and an index to show how above or below average a hero is

          I'll try and get him to share his work and then we'll get it stickied.

          Thanks again braaf

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        can you also add a tab for if the unit is good as lead or support or both?


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          Dont update these anymore sorry

          You can already do that fortuna

          Right click a column and sort Z->A
          This brings all of the green ranked stats to top :P
          Generally just looking, a hero with green on the right hand side is a support lol

          Tbh if you cant work out the traffic light system then I cant help you much xD

          Sirin is green x3 on the left, green x3 on the right
          She is a great leader with great support stats

          Ramia is green x3 on the left and yellow/red on the right so she is not a support.

          Lana is green x3 on the left and red x3 on the right so she is also not a support

          hope that clears that up
          Last edited by DefinitelyNotOrianna; 03-14-2017, 02:14 PM.


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            free time than before so will do it but not for a while.

            I think most people need awaken stats more now so im gunna be updating th Sarkari Result Pnr Status


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