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  • Soul Seeker The 6th Knight

    I am surprised there is no talk of the sequel to this game. Soul Seeker The 6th Knight. Anyone have any news on the game and why they decided to publish it without Com2us? It was created by Clegames Inc who created this game.

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    I know. I just tested the game. It is from the same developers, clegames. Com2uS_Shimmy, can you explain us what is going to happen with the original Soul Seeker and what´s in the developer mind? I haven´t seen any content updates in the game recently and I can see why now...


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      Now that I have been playing and got to a good level of Guardian Hero's the game is now going to be discontinued. What are you going to do for all the loyal players of Soul Seeker that have spend 1 or 2 thousand dollars on this game. Do we get a Coupon for another Game or do we just lose our time and investment.
      How about a coupon towards one of the other games of Our Choosing say $500.00 for Summoners War. Or perhaps super strong team for The 6th Knight. I mean having to start all over again is totally unacceptable to me.
      I play Summoners War so the Coupon Idea appeals to me.
      But simply shutting down Soul Seeker after all this time is not right especially leaving us with nothing.
      My Opinion is just that. Okay you don't agree well that's life and I have a right to my opinion!


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        I haven´t seen any game updates recently.
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          Soul Seeker is a good game, but I prefer a less violent game for my kids, like this township online game, this game is for all ages.