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Maintenance didn’t fix my glitch?

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  • Maintenance didn’t fix my glitch?

    I'm in the Hermes server, and my game has been restarted since the patch at 9/11/18 at 8PM PDT. I am still having the same issue with not receiving my selective draw ticket, but I am wondering if the compensation is meant to replace the reward or if it's meant to be in addition to the reward. At 30 spins, I never got the ticket, but I did receive the compensation reward at the assigned time. Sorry for the confusion, have a great day!

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    I, too, was not given a ticket to the hero for 30 spin. I received only one ticket for compensation.
    09/13/2018 in the action the button for receiving the ticket of the hero was refreshed, but the award did not come as for the first time.
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      Hi. Nearly the same problem here:

      I got the 6* heroes selection ticket from the compensation, and it worked!

      But, I have trying to receive my ticket of the 30 spins reward too late (after the patch, so no reward's reset), i got the message of the "reward sent" but i never got my ticket, like other people before the patch.
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        Exactly what I'm saying. Com2Us please fix this!