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Bug Collection Thread (V1.8.7)

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  • Bug Collection Thread (V1.8.7)

    Goal of this post is to gather all the current bugs. Please kindly state the bug itself, describe it as best possible, if it's a recurring bug and its implication. I would like to stress the importance of the implication part because Com2us isn't aware of the impacts these bugs do create. Shimmy is also asking for videos, and I did that back then and it helped. So if you can, please provide it as well. I'll be providing videos of it over this weekend too, just so you know. I just want to create a dedicated thread so it won't clutter all around and it'll be easier for us to see all.

    Fair warning, this isn't a request thread or a rant thread, so any replies whose intention doesn't meet the goal of this thread, please do it somewhere else. Thanks!

    IT - Infinite Tower
    ToG - Trials of Guardian
    OD - Overcome Death


    1. Skill Order Bug (Or Skill As A Whole)

    Recurring: YES

    Thebug during 1.8.6 is when your unit who has its skill ready doesn't throw his/her skill because it's waiting for the unit before him/her that is under OD. Now, this happens to me even when the one before him have already thrown its skill. So TBH here, I don't think it has anything to do with skill order anymore. Or possibly, since healers have priority over skill order, and I have him OD, it might be the same bug with OD.

    Video: SOON

    Implication: CRITICAL

    In arena, it could make you lose or win. In my case, this happened more frequent after 1.8.7 than in 1.8.6. Probably because of how common Lethal Spot Reese is now.

    2. Silence Bug

    Recurring: YES

    There are reports that this is still happening in Infinite Tower. I have personally experienced this in ToG, specifically vs Liana in Rook's stage, Hard. After some time though, like a good 40 secs, I can use my skill again. Probably, it just extends it to such time?

    Video: SOON

    Implication: MILD to CRITICAL

    It could be just mild if it's in IT. It could be a bit serious in ToG since you can get delayed by a day or more if you miss an opportunity in getting those soul stones. But if this happens in arena too (thankfully, silence abusers are bad in the meta right now or probably forever), then it could be critical.

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    Mobility Bug

    Recurring: YES

    I've experienced this myself personally, though a few other guildmates seem to have had no idea. I assume that this is because I'm easily irritated and make an effort to investigate these things.

    The nature of this bug is as follows: I have an awakened Yuria and a 6* Raiga, on each I have mobility gear, naturally, I have better on Yuria. Not to mention that even at base value Yuria has higher mobility than Raiga. SO THEN WHY IS IT THAT MY RAIGA KEEPS RUNNING AHEAD OF YURIA??

    I have tested this in arena several times just to be sure. I will tell you their exact Mobility stats.
    Yuria: 30 Mobility
    Raiga: 24 Mobility

    I have noticed overall that mobility seems to do nothing in PVE, Nothing in GB and Arena and RTA... overall the only place that I have seen mobility do anything is in Boss Raid. I do not know why, but this makes no sense.

    I'll provide you with the test results as best as I can without images, as my tablet is damaged and cannot take screenshots.
    Raiga @ Position 1
    Yuria @ Position 2
    Raiga runs far ahead and uses his skill, surprising this more often than not beats most other non-ranged initiators. (Initiators are what I call position 1 heroes in Arena)
    Yuria lags behind despite having 6 more mobility points than him.

    Then ##
    Yuria @ Position 1
    Raiga @ Position 2
    Yuria is as as slow as ever, she either uses her skill at the same time as the opponent or is beaten by them. As a matter of fact she has only every gone first when facing another Yuria.
    Raiga runs ahead like before, just that since he is not first in the skill order he has to wait for Yuria to come up front.

    Video: I cannot provide a video. Perhaps images soon.

    Implication: MILD to CRITICAL

    This severely cripples many teams in the Arena for no good reason, and of course, it severely cripples mine. After going through the trouble of acquiring Crowd Control Resistance Gear with solid Mobility buffs - I find out that mobility is USELESS?

    This needs to be fixed, a 24 Mobility hero cannot be faster than a 30 mobility hero. That is plain stupid.


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      I will return in a day or so, If by then this has received no attention, it will only confirm how unacceptably unreliable Com2Us is when players need them to own up.