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Yura 5* tune stat half of Yura 4* rune

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  • Yura 5* tune stat half of Yura 4* rune

    I recently won a 5* Yura rune from the boss raid. I was going to use it to replace her 4* rune, and then I noticed that one stat, the 'Thirst for Blood Bonus Damage Up' that appeared on both runes, was less than half of the value on the 5* compared to the 4*.

    Now, I realize that stats can vary, and in some cases a high-end 4* rune may have a stat or two a bit higher than its corresponding 5*, if the 5*is on the low end. But this seems like a mistake. In the Item Book, though, it gives a range of 44-51% for the 4* rune, and 23-26% for the 5*. I believe that is an accidental oversight.

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    This is 100% a mistake bro good spot


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      This is still a thing. It's just hanging out in my inventory, waiting for a fix.


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        They fix some runes . . . .