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[ BUG ] Sahakan Cocoon Invulnerable To Damages

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  • [ BUG ] Sahakan Cocoon Invulnerable To Damages

    This occurs randomly. Usually when I play solo on normal raid. Even if I use shana and mistra skill at the same time and use fast attack (healer role), no damages were inflicted on sahakan cocoon at all.

    Lead hero is zebram. Support is shana and mistra.

    I report via Hive previously.
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    Boss raid is bugged and nerfed at the same time I think. It is really pain, no fun anymore. Since 1.6.2 in hard mode:

    1. I think they want to prevent players from doing spam attacks (casting multiple attacks by spamming the attack buttons) by disabling the buttons after you hit it once. This way you can't attack with the next supporter as the buttons are changing from enabled to disabled. You have to wait for the buttons to be enabled again. In the meanwhile...

    2. Sahakan is more time underground then attackable. With the downstep described above, you have not much time to do damage anyway.

    3. When Sahakan is engaging mad explosion, the dome gets none or some damage, then no more. This way (point 2 and 3) we were even loosing with timeout! But mostly he recovers 2 or more health bars and is going underground. You have to go full time distance to defeat him.

    a) you nerfed boss raid at too many points
    b) the mad explosion is bugged

    This way and with some disconnections due to unstable servers you miss a lot of rewards, which are nerfed too by the way.


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      Before the last update, even with this bug, it was manageable to beat Sahakan. Now, if anyone drops or this glitch happens, then you will most likely not win. If there was no time limit or it was higher, it could be manageable, but as it is now, it isn't. Not taking into account the glitch about dying as soon as the raid starts or taking constant damage randomly when you are close to the edge of the map. Also for some reason, that move that attacks in 4 directions and throws tornadoes, can hit you more than once if you are stepping in an area that it is overlapping with another, doing even more damage to you. It should do damage only once even if you were stepping inside the boss.

      Sahakan is really glitchy, it should be removed until it's fixed or fixed once and for all. People lose entries because of things that shouldn't happen.


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        That move that attacks in 4 directions and throws tornadoes, is worked as intended imo. Pay attention to where you are and move your hero out of the area. to be safe, use range erin or nia.