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Soul Seeker Service Termination Notice (Jan. 30th) + Refina's Last Gift Event Notice

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  • Soul Seeker Service Termination Notice (Jan. 30th) + Refina's Last Gift Event Notice

    Soul Seeker Service Termination Notice (Jan. 30th)
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    Greetings from Com2uS!

    It's with a heavy heart that we inform you that starting Jan. 30th, Soul Seeker will no longer be available for play.
    You won't be able to re-download the game or make in-app purchases after service termination.
    Please read below for more info on the service termination.

    [Service Termination Schedule]
    1. The game will no longer be available for download starting Dec. 30th, 2018.
    * Players who already have the game downloaded on their devices will be able to play the game until the service termination date.

    2. The game service will be terminated and all in-game purchases will be blocked starting Jan. 30th, 2019.
    - For questions, please contact our Customer Support by visiting

    Thank you for playing Soul Seeker!​

    ----- Refina's Last Gift Event Notice

    Greetings from Com2uS!

    Today, we'd like to inform you about our last event, "Refina's Last Gift".
    Please read below for more info on the event.
    In addition, please refer to the [Service Termination Notice] regarding the service termination.

    Event: Nov. 28th 12:30am PST until the service ends

    Event 1. Boss Raid Open for 23hr
    - The Raid will now be open for 23 hours. 10 Tickets will be given every day as previously.
    - Boss Raid Schedule Modification: 8am PST - 7am PST of the next day
    - Boss Raid Ticket Recharge Time: 7am PST (10 Tickets will be recharged)
    * The Raid won't be available during 7am - 8am PST every day and 2 bosses will take turns and appear in the Raid.

    Event 2. 5~6★ Hero Draw Chance 3x Up
    - Your chances of drawing 5~6★ Heroes from [Premium Hero Draw x10] and [Prime Hero Draw] at the Hero Shop will be increased by 3 times during the event.

    Event 3. 50% Cost Discount Event
    - The cost for the following will be half off during the event!

    [Event Details]
    - Awakened Skill Upgrade/Special Upgrade/Hero Upgrade/Extreme Upgrade/Pet Upgrade
    - Hero Evolution/Hero Recombination/Hero Disassembly
    - Rune Evolution/Rune Transformation/Rune Combination/Rune Property Change
    - Item Crafting/Awakened Item Magic Effect Change/Awakened Item Power-up/Awakened Set Item Crafting
    - Hero Awakening/Extreme Awakening/Hero Transcendence/Pet Transcendence
    - Guardian/Legend/Unique Hero Combination
    - Individual Costumes (Event Costumes excluded)

    Event 4. Growth Chamber Time Reduction
    - The Growth Chamber time will be reduced during the event.
    Before: 5d 14hr per Growth Point
    After: 12hr per Growth Point

    ※ The time will be reduced only for the players who used the Growth Chamber after the Nov. 28th patch. If you use the content before the patch, time reduction won't be applied.

    Event 5. Hero Combination Limit Modification (Once per month > 99 times)
    - The limit to the Hero Combination will be changed from 1 -> 99 times per month.
    * Hero Combinations you've performed prior to the Nov. 28th patch will be included. For instance, if you've already combined Heroes once in November, you can perform 98 more Hero Combinations.

    Event 6. Hero Researcher Min/ Transcendence Researcher Lyn Discount Event
    - Hero Researcher Min/ Transcendence Researcher Lyn will be available for purchase at a 50% discounted price. ([100 Rubies]/ [1,000 Gems])
    * The discount will be applied after the Nov. 28th patch. Go to [Shop> Hero Shop] at the bottom of the Main Lobby to purchase.

    Event 7. Awakened Skill Modification Cost
    - The cost to change Awakened Skills will be changed from [50 Rubies] to [300 Gems].

    Event 8. Awakening/ Extreme Awakening Material Quantity Reduction
    - The number of materials required for Awakening/ Extreme Awakening will be reduced.

    * However, there's no change to the number of materials you can acquire from Awakening/Extreme Awakening Dungeons.

    Event 9. Set Item Rate Up
    - Your chances of acquiring Set Items at the Shop/Distorted Dungeon will be increased to 5% during the event.

    Event 10. Guardian Dungeon Event
    - Guardian Dungeon Event will open during the event. Collect Guardian Tickets to exchange them for the corresponding Soul Stones!
    Tap the [Guardian Dungeon Event] Icon at the right of the Main Lobby to enter the event dungeon.
    Clear dungeons, collect [Guardian Tickets] and exchange the tickets for [50 Soul Stones of the corresponding Guardian] and [20 Keys] at the Event Shop.

    For questions or customer support, please contact our Customer Support by visiting

    Once again, thank you for the love and support you've shown us!