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[Update] v1.8.8 Update Notice

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  • [Update] v1.8.8 Update Notice

    Greetings Seekers!

    We'd like to inform you about the upcoming v1.8.8 update.
    In this update, 3 New Guardian Heroes and 3 new costumes will be added. Also, we've fixed some minor bugs.

    The new content will be available on both iOS and Android after the v1.8.8 update.
    Please read below for more info.

    Main Update Features
    1) 3 New Guardian Heroes
    3 new Guardian Heroes will join Soul Seeker!
    These new Heroes will be in the form of 6★/Awakening/Extreme Awakening like the previous Guardian Heroes and you can acquire a 6★ Guardian Hero through Hero Combinations.
    Exclusive combination materials for these new Guardian Heroes can be acquired from clearing new challenge Heroes at the Trials of Guardian.

    <Guardian of Creation – Rihanna>

    <Guardian of Destruction – Gayne>​

    <Guardian of Peace – Arnes>​

    2) New Awakened Costumes
    3 New Awakened Costumes for Reese/ Slayne/ Vincent will be updated.
    When equipped, these Heroes will have changed battle/skill effects and their appearance will also be modified.
    Moreover, these Costumes will increase the Hero's attack power, defense and HP.

    Reese/ Slayne/ Vincent

    3) Bug Fixes
    - Team Change Saving Bug: Fixed an issue of the changes made to hero formation not being properly applied from time to time.
    - Silence Additional Effect Bug: Fixed an issue of the Silence Effect not being removed from time to time when you're granted with Silence during battle.
    - Other Minor Bugs: Fixed some minor bugs to improve the gameplay.

    We appreciate your constant support for Soul Seeker and will try our best to provide you with better service!
    Thank you.

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    What is that what're do it to Slayne?! and What's This name Gayne?


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      Hello Com2uS_Shimmy! Do you know if the developers are working on any new content for the game? It´s been 2 months that we only get customes or new guardians. Also, I don´t know if there is any process with RTA and other things that are broken.

      I am waiting to see RTA fixed and seeing new game modes in the future!