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[Notice] 8/8 Log in Issue

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    Hi GM,

    I’m a return player but for the past two days I haven’t been able to log into the game due to the prior maintenance. However as you notified that the game is back up again, I still find issues logging in with my hive account at the startup page in game. In fact I can’t even open up the hive website link as I was trying to reset password thinking that the login error was caused on my side.

    Please help us us and fix this.


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      Hive seems to be unstable at this time.

      We ask for your patience at this time and we hope that it will be resolved very soon.

      Thank you all for your understanding of this matter.



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        I use android phone. its 10pm Eastern Time Zone I have been locked out since 12 a.m. last night I am about to lose my login bonus and everything else it still will not let me log in saying is an error when I hit refresh it says that I'm not logged in I must be logged in to complete I'm able to login to Hive. Com just not 9 Inning MLB 2018 please help


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          It's 24 hours now, that Hive is completely down. When are we able to login again? Or are all accounts lost, that can't login? Was Hive hacked? Is account data compromised? Do we need to take precaution and secure our Facebook/Google accounts? Silence isn't golden if you got a community waiting for answers. Please give us at least an update of what has happened and when we can expect Hive coming back online.