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[Notice] 8/8 Log in Issue

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  • [Notice] 8/8 Log in Issue

    Due to HIVE Network Issues you may experience some login issues.
    We will try to resolve the issue as fast as we can.
    We apologize for the inconvenience.
    Thank you.

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    ALways issies now.. because of the latest useless Update.. OD (Overcome death is destroyed) useless now.

    And only Developers will be able to update awakening Skill hahaha


    • Com2uS_Shimmy
      Com2uS_Shimmy commented
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      Please note that this issue is regarding Hive platform itself and not the game

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    Ok thank you. But what about Overcome death? And Skill upgrade system?? Any change goong to be done?


    • Com2uS_Shimmy
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      As of now no. But please be sure to give us feedback on how you feel about the change and what could be improved by participating in our Community Event! You can earn rewards as well!

      Event Details :

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    This is a very good way of appeoached. Because after the 1.8.6 update.. many players quit, it happened to my guild mates too.. They think they dont have any more hope to Go up higher rank. Coz the skill upgrade systems and the removing of Using skil in Overcome death burdens them a lot


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      Hi com2us want refunds (compensations) for Everyone in big cost Players Losses raid and losses many other things please fix it and Want read My wants for Game been added Please do it


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        you need to consider the implications of sudden breakdowns or emergency maintenance have on the games as a whole.

        There are a lot of components in the game that is reliant on time.

        Guild Wars, inbox items and draws, event deadlines, etc etc.
        I think i lost a lot of item draws due to the two unexpected breakdowns.

        I suggest that there should be a "time pause" or "extension" automatically added whenever such incidents occur.
        This way, we wont lose an easy Guild War just because most if not all players are unable to login.


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          U are right bro.. i really agree with your post.

          They took too long now.. its longer than the time taken during major update .


          • Galaxy win
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            I'm from yesterday when opened 1st raid I'm not Entered in game need play trials events etc etc It's takes so long this maintenance Idk how long this state is on Game But if only not compesations I'll leave this game com2us too You too don't add my wants for Game only you do it Nonsenses! As and Now. From me greetings to all Of Com2Us Just Do it faster This stupid thing too I'm bought potion for My Heroes how'll compesate this huh com2us

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          Please finish That quickest than ever takes over 7 hours!


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            Time and Patience on all runs out...


            • #10
              And I worry for My gameplay don't be deleted


              • #11
                com2us HOW LONG WE'LL WAIT


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                  Can't wait anymore...Just kill your game.And kill your server too...

                  1.Lack of peoper information.

                  You com2us must update
                  .Whats wrong?
                  .Howlong it will take.
                  .How many more hours or minute we still need to wait.
                  .Are you extending the maintenence or not.
                  .Are u still working ti fix it or not.

                  But you just say server problems and people are waiting.. for your answer how far u working etc ..

                  Dammm it.. I miss everything now.

                  I miss

                  Dimension gate
                  Distorted dungeon.
                  Guardian dungeon
                  Siege battle
                  Boss raid.


                  • Galaxy win
                    Galaxy win commented
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                    Tower and all other thing muan

                • #13
                  Com2us is unreliable, uninformative, you put profit before player input, this is a unbelievably poor display of professionalism, as a customer I am disgusted with your service all round, u have displayed repetatovly that your wants are more important than what players want, no customer has displayed satisfaction with your product especially that over the past few months you have recieded the quality on consistancy of the game in a short space of time.

                  You have costed players money time an time again, patience is at an all time low, get your **** upto scratch or give us back our money because your product is becoming hopeless.


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                    Dont expect much from the devs that dont even tell you how big is the file you're downloading.

                    We missed our daily dungeons and again not even a word on what happens?

                    Yes I've read what the TSs said, but at least give us a word on your progress or whatever.


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                      Hello All,

                      The game is up and running now.

                      Sincere apologies and we truly appreciate your patience regarding the Hive error.

                      Compensation should be in order and will be sent out later today.

                      I understand all of the frustrations and we apologize for not keeping up-to-date with the maintenance hours.

                      However, please do note that there was a critical error within Hive system itself and that it was hard to place a set time for when it would be fixed.

                      Thank you very much.