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[Update] v1.8.7 Update Notice

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  • [Update] v1.8.7 Update Notice

    Greetings Seekers!

    Soul Seeker will be updated to v1.8.7 to resolve issues that were being experienced since the v1.8.6 update.

    In v1.8.7 update, errors related to Awakened Skills and PvP additional effect rate will be resolved.

    v1.8.7 will be available for both iOS and Android.

    In addition, no additional maintenance will be held due to this update and please read below for details on the update schedule.

    > Update Schedule: Aug. 8th PDT

    * The update schedule may change in the future and if it does, we'll notify you via in-game chat notice.

    v1.8.7 Bug Fixes

    1.Hand of Salvation Awakened Skill

    - Fixed the error of the Enrage/Spotlight Awakened Skills being activated for the Hero revived through Hand of Salvation.

    2. Spotlight Awakened Skill

    - Fixed the error of the characters affected by Spotlight freezing and not being able to attack if a Hero is defeated at the moment the Spotlight Awakened Skill is activated.

    3. Arena Skill Order Settings

    - Fixed the error of Heroes after the Hero who is under Overcome Death state not being able to use skills when setting up the order of Arena skills.

    4. [PvP] Additional Effect/Awakened Item Magic Effect Rate

    - Fixed the error of the activation rate of Awakened Item Magic Effects and additional effects being applied abnormally high in PvP battles.

    5. [PvE] Monsters' Additional Effect Activation Rate

    - Fixed the error of the actiation rate of additional effects that are activated by the Monsters being applied abnormally high in PvE battles.

    6. Guild Battle Inability Effect

    - Fixed the error of the Heroes not being able to act when the 2nd round begins in the guild battle.

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    Does it mean heroes in OD(overcome death) state can use Again Skills???


    • #3
      Hello Shammy.. Please Reply my questions.., Heroes with OD state can use Skill After

      1.8.7 update?

      2.Any change on awakening Skill upgrade System?? This is the most most useless that made to quit mamy players.


      • Com2uS_Shimmy
        Com2uS_Shimmy commented
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        As of now no. But please be sure to give us feedback on how you feel about the change and what could be improved by participating in our Community Event! You can earn rewards as well! So far skill renewal is quite positive from the feedbacks. However, we will see after the event.

        Event Details :

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      Why does it take so long? Still now i cannot play the game. I have not done so many missions.


      • #5
        Fix it quick game want see what things are changes


        • #6
          It takes Longer than Major updates..
          wtf is going now??

          They are not ver up to date.. they should post and post whats happening and how long it will still take etc. Now we are just trying... Nothing happens


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            Galaxy win, whats your ingame name?


            • Galaxy win
              Galaxy win commented
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              I'm 1st from Global server and My name now's StardustSoul what's yours?

          • #8
            I played in Asian server, i really should have choose global hahaha..
            my ingame name is Tombinglal


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              U knew insomnian??


              • Galaxy win
                Galaxy win commented
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                Yep of course I know Insom he was very strong

            • #10
              No line haha but we have watsapp group where our Guild chatting done there.


              • #11
                Nope haha why?


                • #12
                  Hes too useless+ theres no EA skeleton haha


                  • #13
                    Hello All,

                    The game is up an running now.

                    Sincere apologies and we truly appreciate your patience regarding the Hive error.

                    Thank you very much.



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                      Hello Shammy(com2us) please Rethink about the awaken SKILL OvercomeDeath(OD) the best skill becomes useless and worn out. Why do they let this Happened?
                      even if a Hero can use Skills in OD state, there and Many other awakened skill that stop OD.
                      Eg.Fallen ground Stop Skill cooldown and even if a Hero us skill in OD state, he/she may not be able to use twice if Fallenground Stop his/her cool down and that hero died. So its still balanced if OD state can use Skill.
                      Why did u destroyed this Unique skill??
                      Most players are very annoyed about this Changed.
                      Please... Undo it.
                      Thank you.


                      • Galaxy win
                        Galaxy win commented
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                        xD Muan you don't get it already Do you? Com2Us ruins Own creation expect OD for push other skills like Fallen ground or skills like Fury

                    • #15
                      Is version 1.8.7 Already Updated??
                      or not yet??